Tel u honestly I reali dun like my frens rite nw. They nv make an effort to jio mi out. Al nw married le, some gt kids le. I reali wonder y they wan to marry so early. Tis yr areadi two of my best frens ROM le. Tis mth another one. Wat e hell!!! I oso couldn't b bother to ask them out le. Cos I try b4, they wil giv e same statement: 'I confirm wit u later' or 'C hw lor I wil get bk to u whether I can make it or not' or 'U study ma so hw to ask u out' or last min canot make it one. Damn it.!! I study in e wkdays n nt wkends lorr... Stupid excuses.. I single cannot meh? Single gt wrong meh? Idiot!!! I reali wan go out make new frens le. I dunwan my old frens le... Talk to them like talkin to a wall.. Gt husband liao gt family liao dun nit frens lor.. Ok lor.. NVM.. I dun giv it a damn anymore.. To hell wit them.. Sickenin!! Hw I wish I can spend my time on wkends wit my frens like b4 bt then nw lei.. Marry Marry Marry!!! Go marry n dun come bk again!!! Stupid... I reali cant find one who is single lor. Gt one la bt tat one like always MIA. I bored half liao.. I wont b e one to ask them out again... Tis is all my grievances al tis while... Sickenin... Always so lovey dovey... Ok la I jealous cannot isit? I tink when I gt bf or I get married (if any possible) in future, I wont bother to tell any single soul... To tink they r al my old frens for 10 yrs le.. Dun eva ask mi out or cal mi when u al in any dilemma or watsoeva... I used to b like tat n nw I hate ppl like tat... Shit them............ One day I change my mobile no. again I wont giv anyone except my family. Change my hse fone no. oso!!! C hw u al goin to find mi since u al dun bother to find mi out... I DUN CARE ANYMORE!!! Y always mus I ask them out n nt them? I wil always b free in e wkends n they wu xim they wil cal mi up lor... Gt anot? My wkends v good one lor... Nt a single call or sms frm them.. My mobile battery can last v long... Stupid... Go to hell la.. I wan b alone onli when I go for gym or shoppin... I wan my frens to gather in wkends to hv a good long chat lor... No clubbin is beta lor cos can get to talk our heart out. I duno la.. Forget it... I missin they oso wont feel anythin..