~2%~ Fun..!! Nothin bt Fun...!!!

Hmm.. Jus came back frm gym nt long.. Thot I get to c my cousin there bt no sight of him.. Hmm.. So long nv c him le. New Year he nv go my uncle's hse. Haiz.. I rem e onli time when mi n him went out together is after our granny passed away. Hee.. Nvm.Last nite was so much fun. Mi & 2 of my classmates went out after our work. No class ma. We met up at cineleisure to hv dinner @ pastamania. Yummy.. We share Aglio Olio, caesar salad n a mini pizza. So hapi.. Love aglio olio.. After tat we shop around HMV la.. 3 of us r so noisy...Then we went to search for a pub to chill out. At first went Ice Cold Beer bt full hse lei.. Then we went dbl o!!! Happenin lei... Gt a special theme. Then we saw angel, catwoman, phantom, clown & a ali baba...Haha.. We keep laffin n laffin.. So al nite long, we dance, we chat, we laff, we drink.. Hw I wish my lifestyle can b like tat relax...!! Hee.. long time no drink n I had 2 bottle of barcadi breezer.. We went off quite early. Cos al of us gt work in e day n al exhausted.. Hee.. I mus say I lookin forward to our nxt outin.. Wil b damn fun!!! Also, hmmm.. lookin forward to Zouk Out tis Dec..