[[ 7% in healing terms ]]

Hmm.. Chat wit my fren yesterday online. She has been quite bz recently tats y nv find mi out. She is ok cos I knoe no matter wat, once she free sure ask mi out. Hw abt others? Another fren of mine call up my office yesterday jus to ask wan to share presents wit her n my another fren for our old classmate's weddin. Haiz.. Use to it le la... Wait til tat day then wil see them lor... Sianz.. Haha.. gt my results yesterday. I gt B for accounts, B+ for mgt, C+ for marketing & D for microecons. Lousy hor? Bt to mi is ok le la.. I will strive hard next sem. Timetable come out liao. Hee.. Finally is goin to 2nd sem liao. Bt my mum is happy tat my accounts gt B cos she knows is my weakest module since my ITE days. Reali lor... Hw much u crack my brain, stil I cannot make it one... My understandin of al e concept is weak!!! Weakling!!! Hope next sem I wil work hard for my Accounts 2!!! I will put my heart on studies fully. I dun care hw ppl tink liao. Gt 2 of my classmates r withdrawing frm e course. One tink is too long (cos 4 yrs course ma), another one cos wan to get in NIE so wan to study somethin which is of her advantage. AL e best. I prepared to study for 4 yrs le b4 I register for tis course. So no regrets at al. At least I gt to knoe new frens who r good too... After my studies here, I goin SIM for my degree le.. My parents support my idea. I thot of get good grades in SP then can try get in NTU for degree, bt nw c my results. THUMBS DOWN!! So SIM is my 2nd alternative. Nw I looking forward to my outing wit two classmates next Fri. Yeah.. Can eat pasta le!! So long nv eat le... Always eat homecook pasta. Nw goin to try Chef cook pasta.. Keke.. Shiok!! Yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nw I'm on my 3rd day of my slimming program. Hee.. On tat day I shall knoe hw to eat wisely.