{ Drop back to 0%} I hate TODAY!!!

Today I keep kana scolding from people... I hate it! First, my boss scold mi like hell, like wana kick mi out of the office. Fine...!! Anytime lor.. Since I oso wana quit. Bt nt worth rite nw. Cos is nearing yr end & bonus coming....I shall endure with all his insults.. He is nothin bt a damn fool...!!! Tink ppl wan to stay n work wit him for long meh?? Wait long long... Bcos of $$$$$ then stay... Stil wana get me a hp to let him rch mi easily.. I'm so sori... I wont pay for anythin even a sim card. No way!!! N I make sure during class I wont ans any of his calls or reply any sms... I c hw he react... I wan do everythin in e opposite way liao... I shall tolerate, no matter hw. Always say I rude... He nt rude lor.. Always talk so loud in office like nobody's business... Onli a small co. doin small biz... Talk big.. Tink he gt Master v gd lor.. My dad oso hv a MBA.. Then?? Wat is there to boast? No big deal... He is reali sucks.. My v bad year 2005. I shall hv a fresh start in 2006. I shall!!!!!! Next wk 1st Nov is my 1 year le.. Finally, I dun owe anyone favour le... At least I nv work few mths n left ma.. I wil make his life difficult frm nw... Even wat I wear oso wan to restrict... Good lor.. He say canot wear round neck n jeans, then fine... I wil wear V neck top lor... linen bottom lor.. He nv say canot ma... No brain one... He wan play game wit mi, I shall play back.. At least he is in my game le.. I wil play him around til e yr end.. Hahah....


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