-=-=-=3%=-=-=- Hmm... Some thots!!

Jus came bk frm my fren's wedding buffet @ her mum's hse. She marry to a Malaysian. Duno hw she get to knoe one. Bt ok la.. Her hubby is stil ok. Nt bad lookin. Wah lau.. left mi haven marry. Bt y I so kan cheong for? I nxt yr then find ok rite?? Hmm.. I nw dieting, re-groomin myself so shall hv a gd start in 2006. Tis yr 2005 is stil ok for mi, jus my work wise which is sucks. I hv started to giv my mum monthly allowance (small sum la)without askin $$ frm her at al,successful application to polytechnic (nw yr 1 sem 2 lor), perform a total of 4 shows tis yr for Soka Youth Culture Festival n National Day. Though is nothin special, bt is wat I achieve for the yr 2005.. Shiok!!! Nxt yr wil b beta things. Countdown!! Xmas!! Haha.. Xmas is comin le... Wat shd I do on Xmas? Nobody ask mi out, then I wil organise programs for myself at hm... Hee.. I wil go find Mickey Mouse Xmas cartoons to watch. VERI nice one hor.. Hmm.. Mayb on tat day wil go my uncle's hse as usual. Hmm.. Hope is stil e same. I love Xmas.. Lotss.... Y m I talkin abt it so early? Haiz.. Xmas mood..Haha...


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