Lifestyle | 7 Quality Buys from Daiso

Randomly read one or two posts on what to and not to buy from Daiso. So I have concluded mine and am going to share personal favourites that has been used for at least 3 years with repeated purchases. Why so? Because not only they are useful in our daily life, but also for hobbies like planting and building mini blocks (like Nanoblocks). Mostly importantly, price is economical and for quality wise, I give a 70/100 and the rest of 30 for future improvements. 

Disclaimer: You may or may not agree to my picks but that doesn't concern me at all. I am just sharing. Sharing is caring.

1. Vegetable Oil Hardening Agent

Got to learn about this from a blogger and have since been using for 3 years and counting with no regrets. For those who cook often, this is useful especially when you are frying food. Usually you either store the remaining oil (if clean) or throw away. But how do you throw? Pour down the drain? Pour in a plastic bag when it cools down? No need those greasy dirty job. This box of 5 packs will save you the hassle.

Method: Just pour a pack into the hot oil and stir it till it melts into the oil. Leave it there till it hardens (that will take about probably 20-30 mins). Use a spatula to scrape from the side and all the way to the middle till you get the whole piece of harden oil up, as shown on the box. And you can easily wash your pans and woks.

2. Laundry Net

To prevent lint from sticking on my clothes during the machine wash, these laundry nets come in handy. They have different size and shape meant for different clothing and even brassiere. Some says that using laundry net can prevent tangling and wrinkle-free clothes. But not much help for me except for the lint part. Probably because mine was a top load machine. Any idea?

They have coarser and finer nets so depends on which you prefer. I use the finer type and it works fine with the lint sticking on the net. So do let me know your experience if you have tried the coarser type.

3. Planting Pots

It was also because we got our own home that we started planting. To make it a cost-effective home planting, we bought plastic planting pots and the necessities from Daiso and that was the best choice ever. They design it with a detachable holder below the pot that blends together in appearance and it helps to contain the water and soil from the plant. 

This is different from the older type of pots (brown in colour with a saucer below to hold water and soil). Easy to wash and you can even pour the leftover water to another plant or basin without detaching the holder. I got a few different shapes (there is rectangular type too).

Read about my home planting here.

4. Stock Pack 

Came in different sizes and this pack here (size: 11cm x 10.5cm) has 45 pieces. Can last me for a long time since I'm a weekend home-cook. And it is enough for me to boil a pot of soup for 2 pax. But the material is kinda thin so if you overstuff your stocks,  it might burst half way through. If that is the case, get a larger size than what is shown in the picture. 

They have tea bags too for your loose tea leaves which is about half the size of the stock pack. Material, same. Please look out for those 100 pcs in a pack which is more worthy. I saw 20 pcs in a pack too.

5. Winter Accessories

Ignore those on the left (leather gloves, Mickey cap and muffler because I bought elsewhere and just wanted to add some fullness to the picture). The ones on the right are from Daiso. If you want to go for a budget winter holiday, I suggest you buy from Daiso. Afterall, one year how many times will you fly to winter countries? Unless you are a frequent flyer. And if you spoil or lost it, you won't feel so hard pain. Right? These are my first purchase on winter accessories for my holidays many years back. Still in good condition. Subsequently, saw leather type on discount at Uniqlo so got them to complete my set of winter accessories. 

6. Ladies Only Detergent
Warning! Guys, skip this. Only if you want to buy for your girlfriend or wife.

Strongly recommended by my colleague recently and used it shortly because you-know-who-visit. Heard that this is a top selling item and will just go out of stock easily during that time when it first came out. 

For thorough cleaning of menstrual blood and vaginal discharge. Works for me though. But let me use for at least 6 months to determine.

7. Display Box

I used them for Nanoblocks since years ago. Different sizes to determine how many of my completed Nanoblocks I can put in one box and prevents from getting dusty. Recently wanted to buy a few more but out of stock. I still got so many babies to case them up.

So what do you think of my picks as compared to others? Commonly seen at Daiso but depends if anyone buys it before or not. Don't buy because is cheap and end up never use (I used to be one of such). And not all the items in Daiso are worthy. Sometimes you can get cheaper ones at those shophouses. So I think it depends on your needs and your ability to compare, be it price or quality. Still, sensible buying. Ciao...