[CLOSED] Food Review | Delhi Chilli (Umar's Kitchen)

The next food place at Junction Nine that I wanted to introduce will be an Indian restaurant located at a quiet corner in this mall. Actually the human traffic was good but it wasn't crowded when we were there twice. I mean how many times in a month will you have a craving for Indian cuisine. Some may just popped in to see what's on their menu only. But anyway, it was good for us because can eat in peace (rather than noisy like foodcourt) and our food serve fast (not really very fast but ya...). And the smell of cooking coming from the kitchen (they have their own tandoor) was quite alluring.

In their menu, there are noodles and rice to choose on top of the traditional Indian food like thosai, different types of masala and of course, tandoori chicken. Wide variety but what did we choose for our dinner? Here is a sum up.

Coin Prata $4.00

Swirl into small round shape before frying, the coin prata was one of most wanted in my list of to try. Crispy on the outside as compared to the big flat slice of roti prata, a little doughy texture on the inside. And was expecting a surprise from the layering texture thru the folding then shaping. Neither oily nor too dry. And price a little steep. 

Plain Thosai $2.00

Similar to crepes with that soft texture, it tasted a little sour. A big piece that is perfect to go with mutton and chana masala which I did and loving it.

Garlic Naan $2.70

Presentation won a little with that flat and bubbly look but the taste was mediocre and not much touch on the garlic taste. Dipped in the gravy of mutton and chana masala to enhance the taste.

Samosa $2/pc

The crispiness on the outside and savoury on the inside filling. Was expecting a triangular big samosa (because of the price) but it was a little disappointing. 

Mutton Masala $11.90

Mutton chunks in onions and tomatoes gravy. Husband was suggesting to go with some rice but too bad, we are almost filled to the brim. No wonder he likes mutton briyani. And most importantly, the mutton wasn't cooked too dry and has absorbed the flavour from the gravy and the spices in it.

Chana Masala $6.50

A popular dish among the community and beyond. Simple ingredients like chick peas, onions, tomatoes, chillies and Indian spices. It gives you the spiciness that is appetizing and the tempting gravy which goes great with prata, naan and even thosai. 

Mee Goreng $5.00

My husband loves Indian Mee Goreng especially when the noodles are in deep red colour. Though the ones here did not met his expectation, but hit the spot. Neither too dry or soggy. At the right tone and the right taste. 

The serving time was a little longer but tolerable as what my husband said, they probably cook the orders on the spot (actually I smell charcoal as we entered because there is a tandoor in the kitchen). But if they have large orders (like catering dinner boxes), I think you will have to wait even longer (I experienced that myself).

The boss is a Indian Muslim though I never saw any Halal certificate in the shop. So to my Muslim readers, find out from the boss or staff to 100% confirm plus chop guarantee. I actually did ask the staff when making payment and my husband finds it silly. And yes, if you are lazy to go out, call Foodpanda delivery. They deliver for Delhi Chilli (kinda pricey as compared to dining in their shop).

Nothing can satisfy any single one of you but it did satisfied my husband, especially when he is into Indian and Malay food. To try is to believe. But if no believe, I respect that because everyone has their own unique taste palate and views of how Indian cuisine should be. 

The only thing that I find about Indian cuisine is that the use of spices makes it healthier than others. Agree or not? And they use yogurt (dairy products) to neutralize the spices (probably some people may not be used to it). Gives you a fresher breath? Couldn't agree more. Slowly trying to appreciate Indian cuisine. More to come!

Delhi Chilli (Umar's Kitchen)
18 Yishun Avenue 9
#01-13 Junction nine
Singapore 768897
Nearest MRT: Yishun (NS Line)