Travelogue | Ipoh, Malaysia for SGD 400 - Attractions

Let me continue from the previous post (read here) which I hope it had made you drool. And of course a breakdown of the travel cost. I must emphasize that I'm not the sort who goes for extreme budget travelling but at least, reasonable. That matters. So here are some of my picks on the places to visit in Ipoh.

Kuala Sepatang 十八丁
(formerly known as Port Weld) 

This was where we had our seafood lunch and this view was taken from the restaurant above. A fishing village in Taiping, which provides river tours to see the mangroves, eagles watching and many more at a cost. Gave that a miss as it didn't draw any excitement though (tried out once during a short trip to Langkawi). You can buy some fresh dry shrimps. ikan bilis back home. In this place, if you are sharp enough to spot the already ceased Port Weld train station.

Taiping Lake Gardens 太平湖

Take a stroll around the lake garden. Enjoy the peace and calming place with a picturesque view, away from the hustle and bustle. The photos doesn't do justice to the place because of the cloudy weather. So if you want, visit this place to witness the view. Perfect for dating couples. 

Mural Arts

Our driver cum guide brought us to few more worthy to see in his opinion. But I wanted more though, like those in Penang. Never mind. At least I saw the famous one that has been going around the Internet. Also spotted some on our own. Some of them painted the olden days of Ipoh and their thriving tin mining history.

This piece of mural art called Art of Old Town was painted by a Lithuanian artist, Ernest Zacharevic who has also painted the widely known mural arts in Penang. A heritage and history celebrated by Ipoh, Old Town and Old Town White Coffee with 7 different murals which can be found in different parts of Ipoh. 

The following mural arts were located along Jalan Dato’ Tahwil Azar, beside The Majestic residential property. It described the old days of Ipoh town, the glory days of tin mining and how the town gradually developed from the 30s till now. All you need to know about Ipoh were presented on the brick wall.

Concubine Lane 二奶巷

Jalan Panglima, Ipoh 30000, Malaysia

A touristy spot which everyone knew. We watched tv program and got to know of this must-visit place. Although it was just a small lane with souvenir shops and eatery, it was already packed with visitors from everywhere. I remember seeing the spiral staircases in the lane (or alley) in the show but didn't manage to find it. It reminded me of those at Tiong Bahru (in Singapore). It was said that those staircases were for the husbands to run off when their wifes came to the doorsteps of the concubine's. Not sure if it is true but if it isn't, it won't have this name (Concubine Lane) right? For husbands to keep their concubines here. Interesting place. Follow through my photos.

Saw this adoption drive by the roadside and I could imagine the number of dogs abandoned. Probably these were just some of them. Doggies of all sizes and they looked healthy to me. Many people gathered around and the doggies were wagging their tails non-stop. So cute.

Wanted to visit Ho Yan Hor Museum but there was a restriction to the number of visitors entering. Waited for awhile and decided to leave for our next destination. Anyway, you can get their herbal tea bags in Singapore. Since young, we have been introduced to this herbal tea by our parents and even till now, still having it whenever we felt unwell or too heaty. It worked on me. 

If you thought that is it for mural arts in Ipoh (on top of those above), you are wrong. At Concubine Lane area, you got to see more. Just need a little more effort to walk around and explore. Here were a few to show you peeps.

Kellie's Castle 

Chalet Mdkb Kellie's Castle,
Jalan Gopeng, Batu Gajah,
31000, Batu Gajah, Perak

Highly recommend this place though you would be seeing just an incomplete castle left behind by a Scottish planter called William Kellie Smith. The castle was built for his wife as a symbol of love, which has some similarity as Taj Mahal in India. You can read more about the history here. All of us agreed that paying a little fee to enter this beautiful place was worthy.

The long walkway at each level with different designs. So picturesque. And one part of this castle looked similar to St Paul's Ruins in Macau. Then the last photo, we were wondering if that was the main entrance or back entrance of the castle. Nevertheless, enjoy the photos which I have spammed more than others.

And there were other places which we visited during this trip to Ipoh which wasn't in this post but still, if it interests you, please do so. Google more details before your visit. Or check out the links that I have input for easy reference.

Asked my hubby what he likes about this trip. The hotel, the Yong Tau Foo and Kellie's Castle. I couldn't agree more except that YTF. Probably dim sum breakfast. Cheap and nice.

That's all for my Ipoh travelogue. Simple 3D2N trip, simple pleasure. For now, stay tune for my next travelogue. Real soon.