Day Out with the Folks | Kusu Island & Club Street

In my 36 years, this was the first time I stepped foot on Kusu Island (also known as Pulau Tembakul). If it wasn't because our community centre organized a day trip on a weekend, I won't even think about it. So decided to sign up since my hub and I were first timers to this island. $15 for adult which included 2-way transport from our estate to the pier and the ferry tickets. Quite worthy, considering that it was a weekend (usual: $18 for weekend and $15 for weekday). And I couldn't believe that I actually went twice in 2 consecutive weeks. First time, with my hub. The other time, with my parents. I prayed for all the wishes to come true, in double. Haha...

The annual pilgrimage went on for a month this year from 20 Oct to 17 Nov 2017 and as usual, attracted a lot of devotees to pay homage to the temple in the island. It housed deities like Da Bo Gong and Goddess of Mercy. Also at the hilltop stands three kramats (holy shrines of Malay Saints). Imagined myself climbing twice the 152 steps up to pray at different times.

And do you know that the island opposite of Kusu Island was called Pulau Senang and in the 60s, it was used to house prisoners for some penal experiment, allowing them to roam around the island and be reformed through manual labour. This experiment lasted for a few years before it came to an abrupt end because of a riot. Now, I think for military training.

Let us walk through a photo talk now. First stop, Da BoGong Temple.

At the Tortoise Shelter. I was intrigued by the sight of so many different sizes of tortoises and then I thought of mine back in my parents' place. Bought it 17 years ago. That was a long time. And I couldn't help but went down to take a closer look at all the tortoises. One particular one looked at me like we knew each other (like I'm the owner). I made me even more miss my own one. The second time I went, the tortoises came out for a suntan. They basically stretched themselves out. Mine did that too.

My parents told me that this island used to have nothing but the temple and it was not like now big, with benches for visitors to rest their feet, enjoy the sea breeze and some even picnic there. And also now with the food centre, we can have our meals here. The space and stalls enough to cater for the in-flow of visitors during this period. Drinks, desserts, vegetarian food and even char kway teow and fishball noodles stalls.

Here, we walked up the hill to Datok Kong. My parents of course have problem walking so much stairs but then since we made our way here already, they walked their way up to the shrines and down in their own slow pace. Lucky my dad had since recovered from his knee replacement ops. But still played safe.

As you walked up and nearing the shrines, there were rocks on the side where you see lots of numbers. Devotees came up, not just pray but also wrote down their lottery numbers. Huat ahhh! And of course, I did too. Good fortune, prosperity, wealth, health all come to me and my family!!!

If that wasn't enough for this trip, walk along the beaches. Find calmness and peace. Away from the hustle and bustle. My parents and us (husband too) enjoyed this trip here. Worthy.

To take the ferry, you alight at Marina South Pier MRT station and exit from either A or B exit (I suggest exit A because much nearer) and you will be at the pier.

And then after this trip, decided to head down Maxwell Food Centre because it has been long since I last went. Had a bowl of cooling grass jelly with my folks because we walked through Club Street.

It was almost gonna rain when we were walking up to Club Street. Mood damper. Anyway we still continued. Previously taken the photos of this street before many years back and was nice to be back again with the folks and nothing changed. That's great. Hope they continue to preserve the buildings here.

And then dad brought us to an alley up to the location of the school he attended when he was a kid. The school was called Yeung Ching which now, a condominium was built on the same location. The only thing that was left originally was a flight of stairs. If I'm not wrong, it was the front door to the school. Correct me if I'm wrong. Couldn't remember what my parents said.

Surprisingly on the opposite side of the street, I spotted a piece of mural art. Not bad though. Shall one day come again on a photo-taking trip through every corner of this area.

So we wrapped up the day on bus ride to the nearest MRT station to head back home. It was already mid afternoon. We actually spent like almost a day out. Not bad. And we actually took the wrong bus  (thanks to my dad) and alighted half way at Everton Park to change to the right one. Anyway, like my dad said if not because of this, we would not have nice views along the way. Okay. That sounds logical. Because not all the time we will pass by all these places even though Singapore is just a small country. Till then, ciao...