Season of Joy | Christmas Day 2017

The season of gifting is here again! Out of 12 months in a year, I look forward to December the most. Why? Because is Christmas!!! All the retailers come out with great gift packaging and gimmicks to attract every single buyer's attention. I am one that falls for it everytime as it is so irresistable. And you will go broke this month too because of that. But then again, many are getting their bonus or 13th month supplement this month so try to be generous in your gifts ya. 

Earning less means I should spend less but then, I don't know what change me overnight that I decided to be a little generous on gifts (unlike last time where I used to be so stingy on this part). And most importantly, buy something that others would want rather than random stuff. Something that they use or if it is those Secret Santa, try to fullfill their wishes. They will appreciate it. Although, there will be some who just show their disappointment indirectly. Never mind that. I did my best to be observant of the people around me to even understand their needs.

Burning a hole from shopping isn't the only thing. Christmas parties or lunch and dinner gathering can coat you a bomb too. This comes like a package every December. Cannot escape. Haha...

So I shall be more thrifty after this festive season. Because lotsa things waiting for me to fullfill in the brand new year, 2018! And it needs money. In life, no money no talk. 

Sum up my December 2017 on a happy fat note!

11 DEC 2017

Talk about thrifty (or stingy), let's begin with the first gathering with my 2 ladies of '3 Fat Pigs Club'. Initially, I suggested going Hooters because haven't been there for ages. Then I was passing by Gelare at Capitol one day during lunch and saw their Xmas set menu at $12.90++. Omg. The inner me (stingy character) was so happy that I decided to change venue to this one. Of course, one of the reason is convenient (near workplace) and also not much crowd at that outlet. Brilliant. Although their menu was limited, but there is always other places to continue a 2nd round. But we stayed through and even ordered items outta their festive menu. Pasta, waffles, onion rings, curly fries, a few to name.

13 DEC 2017

Was looking forward to this Xmas party because of the Terrarium making. Interesting and fun and it got everyone

The first Christmas party with this Company (probably the one and only time) was interesting. At least we didn't jump straight into dinner. Everyone got to make their own Terrarium. Quite a good bonding session with your fellow colleagues. Each and every one decorated their Terrarium in their own way. The kit was provided and it made easy with the steps given and also how to maintain it after. I was quite looking forward to it because I saw shops selling them and it looked so cute and nice. And of course, dinner time after the session and CEO's speech. The Secret Santa Gift Exchange and lastly, lucky draw. As usual, no luck for me. Always. 

18 DEC 2017

An annual gathering with my Dearies Club members but this year, one absentee. Sad. Not full strength again. But still, we had a good time talking about our daily life and sharing stories encountered by one another. I am always the listener because too lazy to talk or even share mine. 

When you are the organizer, you get to shortlist the places you want the rest to go. So I chose Captain K. Have always wanted to try seafood tower kind of concept dining. Grabbed this chance to lure the ladies here. No objection surprisingly. Good! I even put my condition ahead of our gathering: no wastage of food and don't over-order the food when half the time they will be talking to one another and I think the air can fill them up instead of food. I hate food and money wastage. I don't eat much so I don't over-do. *Peace*

The ladies were so addicted to their free flow of kimchi and get having it like 2-3 small bowls each. All I could say is we had fresh seafood and an very appetizing tom yum soup. I can sacrifice the pain of running to the toilet for tom yum soup. I really can.

19 DEC 2017

My colleague suggested having a Xmas lunch together. So the whole group of us headed to Raffles City for some German food. Lunch set promotion was quite limited but still manage to get what I wanted. My oh my... how I miss those sausage although no beer to pair with. I enjoy good sausages. Anymore recommendations, please drop me a mail. And because it was lunch hours, we waited quite awhile before the sides were even served. And so was the main. Of course, we went back late to the office and rushed our work like speedy gonzales before the cut-off time. 

25 DEC 2017

It was a simple Christmas eve this year. Homecooked dinner by husband. A pot of soup and one dish that has long beans, tempeh, tau kwa and prawns. Very good taste with a little spiciness. Then about 10pm, we went to his friend's drinking place for the night. Chatting away anything under the moon (yeah, not sun) till past midnight before we decided to head home.

Christmas day was the usual luncheon at my Uncle's. Headed back my house to pick my folks up meanwhile dropping the presents for them. I hope the Royce chocolates for my bro wasn't too hard for him to bite as it has been fridge since Thurs. Then hang out at my Uncle's place till mid-afternoon before sending my mum home first. Cousins were there. Chat a bit here and there.

Headed to in-law's place for dinner. Brought the kids their presents and a pack of Tsum Tsum cookies. Then my SIL made pizzas on the spot with whatever she has since they just shifted over to the new place a week ago. Like fast and furious, the dinner was ready. A much clearer look on the different pizza flavours. The first batch has pesto sauce on them. Homemade pesto sauce. 

Told myself I shall open all the presents on Boxing Day. Anyway I'm not that anxious to open like before. I'm not a kid anymore. Gifting and receiving is a joy. I finally felt that when receivers were happy with their presents. Sense of achievement though.

Extremely broke this month. Gonna start scrimping and saving again.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Bye Bye 2017! Hi 2018!