Food Review | Sin Heng Kee Porridge (CLOSED)

Heard that this is one popular and well-established name known for its porridge. And one day when hubby went there for work purpose, he got to know that Sin Heng Kee opened a branch there. Rather excited because it is time to explore new food place in order to expand my list.

The shop is located near the entrance leading to the carpark. A corner which takes me a few rounds to find during the first time. Once you entered the shop, you would be welcomed by the gigantic menu on their shop wall for everyone to see. More than 10 over porridge-type to choose including sides to complement your meal. Seriously can't decide on which one to have at first because I want to try many but limited stomach capacity.

1st Visit

Century Egg & Mix Pig Organs $5.50

At first while looking through their wall menu, I thought this was going to be good. But what I didn't like was the trace of red fluid in my porridge. Understood that it was because of the organs threw in to mix and cook, probably I should just mix it well and case closed. After finishing, I realized I didn't like organs in my porridge but as sides to go with when having Kway Chap. That is my preference.

Dry Chilli Frog from $8.00 onwards

The last time I had was from a stall at Lavendar Food Centre before it closed for redevelopment. I fell in love with Dry Chilli Frog instantly. Especially nice when you have it with porridge. The slightly thick sauce with the spiciness. I love it. And hubby was just as thrilled as me. 

We also ordered Sliced Abalone ($3.00) to add on for dinner. A small luxury without spending much.

2nd Visit

This time round, hubby decided a Double Pork Porridge ($4.50) for himself (left bowl) and Century Egg and Pork Porridge ($4.50) for me (right bowl). He spotted these sides which was liked a must-have even when we had Bak Kut Teh: Dough Sticks ($1.20) and Peanuts ($2.00). Anyway for your info, I'm a sucker for century egg porridge. Can't help.

He enjoyed that Double Pork Porridge because it has not just pork slices but also pork balls. Nice. 

3rd Visit

The most recent visit, ordered a Signature Porridge ($6.00) that has everything that you could name in the menu. Sliced Pork, Century Eggs, Pig Liver, Cuttlefish and so on. Although this was good, but he preferred Double Pork Porridge he had during the last visit.

As for myself, I had something simple, Minced Chicken Porridge ($4.00) and it tasted just as good. Careful hot ya.

It takes time and effort to make delicious pots of porridge every single day. If not, you won't have tasted the different types of porridge on their menu. The key is that porridge. Nice and smooth. No need for more seasoning.

Because they have already established their name from their main branch at Hougang, customers will just keep flowing in wherever they are. The recent visit I saw diners and takeaways customers waiting around their small corner shop. Imagine how many orders they have to satisfy, including orders via Deliveroo app. Indeed, a well-known name for porridge lovers.

Now a new branch at Yishun Chong Pang. Peeps living near that area, you are in luck just like me.

Sin Heng Kee Porridge (CLOSED)
18 Yishun Ave 9
#01-33 Junction 9
Singapore 768897
Nearest MRT: Yishun (NS Line)