Bistro Hopping | ECP and Macritchie Reservoir

When cafe-hopping is too mainstream, let us bistro-hop then.

Throwback to one sunny Sat afternoon where my husband and I met up with his fren and wifey. Looks like a couples' date to me. His fren suggested to go for a drink at East Coast Park (ECP) since weather was crazily hot. It has been long since I stepped in this place. The sea, the blue sky, the greens and families hanging around at the beach. Miss the younger me who hanged out with friends here, for chalet or chit-chat by the beach till late night. And how I wish I can cycle. I would have just rent a Obike or whatever bike available and cycle along the beach. Okay this shall be my goal by end of 2017.

Not just that. I finally saw Amber Beacon which is not far from the bistro. Taking photos and walking up the tower for a panorama view of the place is a must since I don't know when I will be there again. 


This place was a project by NPark to bring everyone a new dining and recreation experience by the sea. Although East Coast Park is well-known by Singaporeans and even foreigners for its beaches, cycling tracks, chalets and food, now we can have more than usual if you wanna find a reason to be here. 

So hub's friend brought us to one of the bistro he patronized before and we settled in immediately without a second thought.


Ordered a tower of beer (yes I love beer more than liquor) and finger food like buffalo wings, truffle fries (not in the photos) and nachos. Spent few hours there chatting away and people watching. At least the we were not defeated by the heat despite al-fresco seating. The finger food here were norm but sure easy to go along with beer so do not hesitate to order. 

Buffalo Wings $12.80

Nachos with Cheese $7.80

Atmosphere Bistro & Bar
920 East Coast Parkway
#01-25/26/27, Parkland Green
Singapore 449875
Nearest MRT: Bedok (EW Line)

Then his friend suggested bistro-hop to another place which was at Macritchie Reservoir. Seriously I just can't believe he has upgraded from coffee-shop to bistro patron. *Come I clap for you Bro*


Oh my god... this is yet another place I have not stepped in for the longest time. Remembered those Secondary school days when we were brought here for cross-country and my friends and I were not really very serious about running the whole time and was giggling, playing around while running. How I miss those carefree days! And what struck me most was now I'm actually running to keep slim and tone up. I have never pass by 2.4km run back then and now, I have gone for 5km, 10km and 21.1km run. Not yet a full marathon. But will consider in near future. So unbelievable right? Yes I can't believe myself too. *Slow clap for myself*

Anyway this place is known to many runners and you can see them like everywhere here. They love the trail here if I'm not wrong. Of course, you can come for a morning or evening walk. Calling out nature lovers. This is a great place. And if you haven't know, this is the oldest reservoir in Singapore. Thank me later.


This bistro has al-fresco as well as indoor seatings. Finally, air-conditioned dining place. And a note to smokers, smoking is not allowed. Anyway, just come here and breathe in free air and enjoy what the nature has to give. Yup... I saw the biggest iguana in my life. *Scare die me* No wonder while I'm catching Pokemons, I heard crackling sound of tree branches. They passed me. 

In this bistro, they serve a mix of Western and Japanese cuisine. And the salmon fishhead soup was recommended by his friend. Indeed the taste was good. But too bad, I was busy catching Pokemon and they started without me. No photos to prove. Oh... I can't help eating away that luncheon fries. I should make this at home. Too costly outside. And of course, a tower of beer is a must for guys especially.

Ebi Tempura $15

Spam Fries $9.80

Vava Bistro
181 Lornie Road
MacRitchie Reservoir Park
Singapore 297732
Nearest MRT: Marymount (Circle Line)

His friend wanted to continue the night at another place. But I'm too tired after a whole afternoon out in the heat. So next time Bro.

Okay till then, I shall continue with my bistro-hopping with friends and let you peeps peep soon. Must come back to my blog again yo. Roger out.