Food Review | Boon Tong Kee

Had actually wanted to try this popular Chicken Rice food chain for the longest time since moving to the North. The husband finds it expensive but if it is worth the try, why not? So finally did it. And this post is a combination of my visits to bring you some of the dishes that I had and also my picks***.

***Signature Boiled Chicken (For 1 - 2 pax) $5 or $10

Of course, what is Boon Tong Kee without their Signature Boiled Chicken? Must try because is so soft and not dry. The skin is silky smooth. Requested for more soy sauce over the chicken. This dish is like a must on our every visit. Also what matters to me too is the fragrance Chicken rice ($0.60 per bowl). Honestly, if I can a nice bowl of Chicken rice anywhere, I savour the rice without any meat. I mean it. That is what I did many years ago when I visited Hainan Island, China. I think I have 3 big bowls of rice. Filled your tummy up just right. You will feel oily on your lips but it just goes off after that. *Lip smacking*

Deep Fried Fish Fillet with Thai Style Sauce $13

Good to have but can be crispier. Dipped into the sweet and sour sauce topped with chopped peanuts, it enhances the taste. Nothing special and once again deceived by the photos in the menu.

Fried Fish Fillet with Spring Onion & Ginger $13

Was expecting something nice and fragrance through stir-frying of the spring onion and ginger. It was okay but a little cloying after a few mouthful. Feels a little sticky though.

Poached Chinese Spinach with Assorted Eggs $10

Common dish which you can also find at Zi Char stall. A mix of chicken eggs, salted and century eggs together with the spinach. Nutritional dish I must say. Honestly, I ordered because of the spinach. Protein inflow. 

Deep Fried Beancurd $8

Without the outer layer, this dish will be a plain Jane because of the beancurd. It is a simple dish and I do hope it uses a different dip because I find that mayo isn't blend with the taste. My opinion.

***Prawn Toast $4 each (Min 4 pieces)

Although is a little expensive per piece but is worth the try. The first bite gives you the burst of juice from within and the stuffing is generous. Even the husband who is quite particular with taste finds it good. Good try rather than the mainstream fried prawn rolls.

From what I see, the orders from other tables differs. Yam Ring, Roasted Chicken and Soup. Even crabs. So if you decided to go, you can try them out too. They have takeaway counter too. So check out their menu online now or before you decided to dine in one day. Serving speed about 5-10 mins, depending on what you order.

Boon Tong Kee
Block 233 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3
Singapore 560233
Phone: 6457 2696
Nearest MRT: Ang Mo Kio (NS Line)