Food Review | Taste Garden [Halal-Certified]

The place where Taste Garden is located formerly known as Bottle Tree Park and now Orto. Been here on a few occasions like my friend's baby shower, birthday dinner and even wedding outdoor shoot (mostly my friends). Getting here is kind of easy because it is just opposite Yishun Stadium or find out more on how you can get here via public transport through this link here

At Taste Garden, you get a wide variety of western food to choose from like pizza, pasta, sandwiches, and not forgetting, local delights like mee goreng and beef rendang. All for you to find out. The seating capacity can accommodate big groups, be it al-fresco or indoor.

Mixed Fried Basket $12.90

So if you can't decide on whether to have calamari, drumlets, nuggets or waffle fries, this all-in-one basket is for you. Share among 2 to 3 pax is good enough. Provided you still can stuff yourself down while having the mains. We were full to the brim. But can't help.

Sambal Prawn & Chicken Fried Rice $10.90

At first, it was served up the wrong dish. I think my husband already anticipating some sambal treat. So here we have it. Spicy of course to live up its name but the rice can be done a little more dryer than that. I find it a little too moist. Presentation wise, can be better for the side especially. I have tasted better nasi goreng though.

Char Kway Teow $7.90

This plate of savoury CKT with the wok taste. Brilliant. The only difference from Chinese CKT was having no cockles. Instead, prawns and squids in the dish. I do feel thirsty after that. So you get that right? But nevertheless, I finished up everything. Once a while is alright. 

Overall, the dining experience was good but a little pricey and not worth the hype for local dishes. Probably I will try on their western cuisine the next round. Being too Asian and that is me. Hopefully it will change my mind. But most importantly, it all depends on individual preference so get this right!

The school holidays are coming right? Bring your family down for a meal, or a game or two of paintball. Even prawning too (if you have that patience, not for me). Experience the nature, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Taste Garden
81 Lorong Chencharu
Singapore 769198
Nearest MRT: Khatib (North-South Line)