Food Tasting | Yomoda Soba

I remember there is this same concept as Japan Food Town at Jurong Point back in 2008. Various Japanese restaurants coming together in one place and it feels like you are walking in Japan but actually in Singapore. It would be great to have such concept around the island. So that we, staying in different parts of Singapore can have some great Japanese food without travelling to another end. Yup... though Singapore is small and is just an hour or 45 mins to reach from one end to another. 

Located at Level 4 of Wisma Atria, you will see Yomoda Soba at the entrance of Japan Food Town. Basically the whole of Level 4 is all about food. Food Republic foodcourt is just across. Never mind that. Yomoda Soba is the key to this post. An open-concept restaurant with simple Japanese settings. 

Soba is the type of thin noodles made from buckwheat flour and it can be served chilled or hot, though every other chance, I come across tables served with the former. At Yomoda Soba, the soba noodles are freshly made every day and they selectively used the centre part of the buckwheat for the making. Soba can be a healthier choice but the rule is to have everything in moderate. That matters.

Tempura Seiro Soba $23

You can have a choice over a cold or hot soba. Honestly speaking, I had bad experience at other restaurant (not gonna name) for their cold soba. So this time round in order not to miss having nice fresh soba, I opt for a bowl of hot soba. The clear broth made everything on a lighter tone, even the soba itself. Pairing with some crispy tempura as the side, it balanced out the greasiness you may get from the fried items. 

Yuzu Sorbet $5

If you wanna have something sweet to end your meal, have a ice cream or sorbet. I would love having one, especially when it comes to Sorbet. But sometimes the fullness from my mains simply makes it hard to decide on having one or not. There is this saying that there is always room for desserts. So I just have to force down one. Simply irresistible! Because is SORBET! You get flesh bits of yuzu and is so refreshing. Perks you up after.

So wanna have more options to satisfy your Soba craving? Her is Yomoda Soba for you. They serve Soba in different ways like Soba with Clams, Soy Milk Chicken Soba, Hot Tomato Soba and many more. Or you can have Udon too. There are rice-bowls in their menu so do check out too.

Thank you J Passport and Yomoda Soba. Another chop on my J Passport.

Yomoda Soba
435 Orchard Road
#04-53, Wisma Atria
Japan Food Town
Singapore 238877
Nearest MRT: Orchard (North-South Line)
Opening Hours: 11.30am to 10.00pm Daily

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