Food Review | Wo Peng Cuisine at Furama City Centre Hotel

As usual, our office will organize Lunar New Year lunch and previous years, they do a buffet in office. Surprisingly this year, we get to have our lunch outside of campus and furthermore, is a sit-down lunch serve up to us after portioning out. Everyone has a fair share. Great. The last time we had lunch outside campus was few years back. No more buffet catering for the moment.

The choice of lunch venue was at Wo Peng Cuisine, a restaurant that serves Cantonese cuisine and I got this feeling is because our boss hosted lunch or dinner there for his guests and finds the food here good. So we, as staff get to try out our own. I should think that this is set menu lunch because during this LNY period, most restaurants will launch their own LNY menu and some will not serve al-carte even. I took a few photos which I find it nice.

How to miss having Yusheng during Lunar New Year? What makes it a little unique is that it uses lettuce and crispy fish skin. Already it is a healthy yusheng but if they improvise and give customers a better option, why not? I enjoy the crackers more, especially when it is covered with sauces that are poured in. Yummy!

This is a common snack in every household during LNY. We buy Nian Gao during LNY most of the time and some others bought it for praying sessions. We first do it by displaying throughout the 15 days of LNY (some only I guess) with an red packet and mini kumquat on top. Then after that, probably after LNY, we tend to fry it and that is what I see my parents doing every LNY. Sweet of course, with a thin layer of crispiness from the coating of flour. A sweet and salty taste in total.

A nice juice for good detox after a meal. The captain even mentioned that our boss tried it and said is good. I don't mind juices. Drink and done. Good for digestion system. 

Osmanthus jelly is awe! Like a man, I took one bite of the entire piece. Shiok! Not too sweet and fragrance too.

It has all my love (except for veggie). I love tofu that are fried and then braised. Delicate texture. And that big mushroom to myself. 

Don't know what is that on the right side? It was scallop covered with salted egg paste. To be honest, I find salted egg blending well with prawns more than scallop. To me, yes it is nice but just it just doesn't do well. 

There are other usual banquet style of dishes like fish, fried rice and etc. No point showing you guys because it doesn't stands out as compared to the above (in my opinion).

I would say if there is a chance, I would bring my folks here for a meal. I'll be back.

Wo Peng Cuisine
Furama City Centre Hotel
60 Eu Tong Sen Street
#03-01 Singapore 059804
Nearest MRT: Chinatown (NEL/DTL) or Clarke Quay (NEL)