SHOUTOUT | NEX's Valentine's Day Dining and Dating Guide

Another year again to celebrate this day of LOVE! Will get to see lots of humans posting of their Valentine's date, expensive gifts, luxurious dinners or surprises like wedding proposal or announcing their pregnancy. Anything!!! Jealous much.

But I think I am happy with what I have right now and shouldn't ask for more because others might not be as fortunate as you. That's a great comforting note.

So how are you gonna spend your Valentine's? Confirm got lots of advance booking of dinners, lunches, hotels and so on. For me, it will just another day, working my way till the evening before having a not so expensive dinner with the husband. I think that is us for the past 9 years.

For those who don't want to spend too much yet not short-changing your date, go to NEX and see what they have planned for you this lovey dovey day.

On 14 February, shoppers can also celebrate romance with NEX, and redeem a box of ROYCE Nama Chocolate (worth $15.00) by simply spending $80 at participating Fashion & Accessories outlets.* Need to find out which are the participating outlets but a few of my favourite brands like Uniqlo (#01-03/04/05/06), Pandora (#01-34) and Triumph (#02-39) are there at NEX. 

You know what? Wear nice outfits from Uniqlo, accessorize yourself with Pandora and not forgetting some sexy lingeries from Triumph to impress from within. What a wonderful match! Ladies, consider ya.

Guys, if your sweet mouth is not enough to impress, there you have some sweet treats from Swensen's, Twelve Cupcakes, Andersen's of Denmark Ice Cream and even Starbucks to add onto your plans. I'm quite looking forward to Starbucks' merchandise for Valentine's Day. Can't wait!

Candle-light dinners are the past. Creativity is a wonder. Go for a arcade date, KTV date, library date, spa date and more. Find them at NEX now.

Enjoy everyone, with your loved ones be it dating or married couples, friends or even family. And your kids can be your Valentine too. Niece, nephew, cousins, anyone.

23 Serangoon Central
Singapore 556083
Nearest MRT: Serangoon (NEL)

*Maximum 3 combined same day receipts. Redemption must be made in person and on a first-come, first-served basis. One redemption per shopper/promotion regardless of amount spent or charged.