Food Review | Peach Garden

I guess I'm the sort of food blogger who doesn't go around the island to get a taste of the different variety of food available in Singapore. But I will make an effort to explore a new place when I have a date with my husband or my bestie. And that is when you will see my review. 

Long story cut short. So I brought my husband for a birthday treat here at Peach Garden @ Orchid Country Club which is just a 5 minutes drive from our home. Convenience and also we can get some groceries from NTUC if needy.

Honestly I have no idea of what Peach Garden has to offer but knowing that it is a Chinese restaurant and serves Cantonese cuisine, the variety will somehow be the same as what other restaurants has to offer so it shan't fail us in terms of the quality and taste.

Fried Carrot Cake w XO Chili Sauce accompanied with Deep-fried Soft Shell Crab with Salted Egg Yolk 

The carrot cake can be done in smaller cubes. Soft shell crab is crispy and love it when it is coated with salted egg yolk. 

Double-boiled Yoshikiri Shark’s Fin with Black Chicken and Cordycep Flower 

Good to have though the shark fins can be a little bit more. Chinese herbs used to nourish our body.

Steamed Fillet of Sea Perch with Golden Garlic and Superior Soy Sauce 

It brings out the real taste of the fish through garlic without having much seasoning. Guilt-free dish.

Pan-fried King Prawn with Pumpkin Sauce

Prawn can be fresher, sauce was nice and blends well with the food.

Fried “Ying Yang” Rice with Baby Abalone 

Mild savoury taste and uses brown rice. Baby abalones too cute and chewy. Healthier choice to be honest.


A decent and refreshing dessert with small chunks of mango. 

The good thing about choosing a set menu is that you save the time in deciding and they will portion out before serving up individually. And you won't over eat or waste food. On the other hand, you just gotta take whatever is set for you in the menu. You may not like one thing or two from the menu. 

Do make a reservation online before you decided to go for a meal. Enjoy!

Peach Garden 
@ Orchid Country Club
1, Orchid Club Road
#02-35, Social Club House
Singapore 769162
Nearest MRT: Yishun (NS Line)
Shuttle bus service to and from Yishun MRT and OCC.