SHOUTOUT | Newly Revamped Bosch Experience Centre

Let us have a look at the newly revamped Bosch Experience Centre at Level 4 of Robert Bosch Building at Bishan Street 21. Bringing customer experience to all whole new level with the contemporary home setting in the 4,000 sq feet Centre with the latest range of Bosch home appliances and the state-of-the-art technologies. Customers get to see, feel, touch and operate their appliances to see how it can fit into their home spaces. The Centre hosts one-on-one product demos, culinary classes with brand ambassadors and exclusive events. I want to attend!!! 

Currently using their hand blender and chopper. Very useful for my culinary journey. Looking at their stand mixer now. Hmm... let's see how it can fit into my baking journey.

Not forgetting their products such as the revolutionary Series 8 ovens that feature 21 innovative technologies like highly-sophisticated sensors. Too bad I can't get a built-in oven for my kitchen. Maybe can do so if I decided to move house. 

Or you may want to take a look at their exclusive product, only at the Centre, the Downdraft Stainless Steel Hood that feature a concealable and compact downdraft ventilation.

For future home owners, something for your reference. Hop on to their website now.