My 4th Half Marathon

Honestly speaking, other than the first 5 km of running, the rest of my 16.1 km was walk, short run, walk and repeat. No joke. And it took me 3 hours 28 minutes and 21 seconds to complete my entire half marathon. The saving grace was I managed to finish before the cut-off time. On the other hand, I was really upset for not being able to run in proper. 

I told myself that this year, I'm gonna to pick myself up from where I fell in 2015's run, at the very 1st km of the run. This is really unbelievable. Even till now I don't understand how and why I fell flat. Fate must have been playing a joke on me. And ever since that fall, like after a month, the pain on the ankle starts to creep up on me. Frankly speaking I really don't know if the fall is the main culprit to my suffering for the entire 2016. I can't run nor walk properly without having that pain, going on and off. Went for acupuncture and specialist to get a customized sole, the pain didn't really go off though lessen. What the hell is wrong with this ankle? Stop giving me the pain and excuse of me being a flat footed. Totally unaware that I'm a flat foot till I went to see TCM. And confirmed by a orthopedist in the hospital. Is this a joke? Not even my parents knew. If I'm a guy, can downgrade or not when serving NS? 

Whatever. Before the fall, I never feel any difficulty to walk. I'm a born-walker. I can walk like no tomorrow. I enjoy walking, especially when I'm on holiday overseas. 

The orthopedist refer me to podiatry. Then I got to know that the podiatry clinic is within the Diabetes clinic. Excuse me. Are you scaring the hell out of me? I don't have diabetes. Okay. Never mind. See a few times but still the same and I decided to put a stop. Let it be. Because the pain though lessen and that the taping techniques my podiatrist taught me helps only very minimal, I find it useless to go again.

Because I couldn't run, my husband bought a stationary bike from AIBI for me to exercise at home instead. I find it quite boring though the least I can do is to cycle 30 minutes per day as a form of exercise. That adds up to 3 hours and 30 mins per week. Whatever.

I think I should start back on running, even for a 2.4 km on weekends and public holidays, plus cycling on weekdays. I am just hoping that in a year's time, I can run my 5th half marathon with a better condition. But first, let me do a 5 km in Shape Run 2017, probably in 6-7 months down the road. From there I gauge myself how much I can run. 

2016 has to be so painful for me. During the run, I just feel like giving up because the pain is too overwhelming even when I walk my way through the race route. My friend at the finishing line is my motivation to continue and never give up. Told myself I should not let her wait too long. So I just keep moving. I must really give a pad on my back for my persistence and endurance. Nobody will know how painful this run is to me unless they are in my shoes.

To my 5th one next year! Hope for the better. Cheers.