Travelogue | Sapphire Princess Cruise

Finally a proper holiday with my parents after so long (not including those short trip to JB). Well-deserved one especially for my dad after being plagued by illness for a year or two. Most importantly, this trip is for my folks and a birthday treat for the husband. All three of them are happy, I will feel the money worth-while. Though is just cruise, we are not onboard Star Virgo, again. Was considering to go for Costa cruise but my friend introduced this Princess Cruise to me and since on promo, why not? But please bear in mind on board this ship, all prices quoted in US dollars. It is a US cruise. And US dollars are like quite universal currency. Whatever you may disagree with me, just remember US dollars. So let start now. More photos to bring you through this post. Don't wanna write too much just in case grammatical mistakes or whatever.

Our first lunch onboard the ship at Deck 14, an international buffet where you definitely find something of your liking, or taste bud. Not the best of taste but superb Asian. That is why everybody flood in here during meal time. Let's see what we got during our stay.

Wanna see more of their confectionery items? Desserts? They are so pretty and nice. How I wish I can bake such nice cakes.

And if you feel like eating at night like 9+ or 10 or not long after your dinner, the international buffet is still available for you to enjoy some finger food or confectionery stuff or anything that is available. I went one night and saw calamaris. OMG my favourite. And their bread sticks are awesome. I can just have their bread sticks will do. 

Let me also show you the surrounding outside the buffet area at Deck 14. Pool side people! Tired after a swim? Grab a drink from the bar counter or head inside the buffet area for some food.

Walk on to the other side of Deck 14, there is pool too and an outdoor movie theater where they play different movies at night and just find yourself a poolside chair and watch under the moonlight. And stars. There is an ice cream corner where you can grab free ice cream, Vanilla or Chocolate or a mixture of both. And pop corns too. It's free! Oh by the way, pizza + burger and chips available too. Free!!!

So here is the stateroom at Deck 5. At least I can afford this than those with no windows. By the way, the bottled water are not free. You have to pay for it. We never read carefully, thinking it is free so open up and drink down happily. Damn it! Tricked me. I suppose teabags are free. So remember boil your own water. They provide electric kettle. 

Their toilet is definitely small and I wonder how those big sized guests gonna squeeze in that shower area. With my petite frame, I already feel kind of confined. Well.. that's what I pay for.

And was a pleasant surprise that outside our stateroom door, they put our names and that is for every single room. They have a steward to serve you at that level. I think this is good because firstly, you won't go to the wrong room (of course) and secondly, the steward can address you by your name or surname or whatever name you register. Nice gesture don't you think?

At Plaza Deck 5 where our cabins are, there is an art gallery, showcasing paintings that are gonna be auction the following day. I found a few pieces of my liking but no money to buy. So just snap a picture for memories. What do you peeps think?

If I remember correctly, at Deck 7 is where Princess Theater is and where we watch performance every night. Watched a magic show and musical dance show with my dad and husband on two consecutive nights. The magic show was very lame and lots of loopholes. Not very pro but what can we expect. But the musical dance show is the best I think. Like those broadway musical in the States. I enjoyed it very much. So if you wanna watch any performance, please come early to grab a good seat with good angle. Ours are still not too bad. I guess many came earlier than expected to 'chope' seats. 

Hi from the casino (I think at Deck 6 if I remember correctly). Not extensive in size but enough for people to gamble their life away. Haha... Was there for evacuation exercise with our life jackets taken out from our cabin. So many jackpot machines but I'm not very interested, especially in gambling (except once in a blue moon buy 4D or ToTo).

Our dinner on the first day onboard the ship. By this time (about 6+ in the evening), the ship should be out of Singapore water, based on my cellphone reception.

Some nice and fresh dinner rolls with butter to go along just before our main course is served up. How I wish I could bake them nice ones! More practice at home.

We are clueless as to what to have for dinner. In the menu, not much of Chinese dishes and more of Western ones. I reckon that since they are heading here in Asia, a little change of menu to accommodate the holiday goers is much appreciated. So here is some salad as my mum would want something 'not too complicated'. We are too Chinese. 

This is Kung Bao Chicken which is one of the few Chinese dishes we find in the menu. Taste unusual, different from what we had in Chinese restaurant out there. Anyway just finish up since that is something we could get.

Okay. I found my aglio olio in the menu and happy like a little girl. A little too oily though it supposed to be this way. Share some with my mum and my husband. I think she kind of like ate very little during dinner because she isn't adaptable to the food here. Unless we go for the international buffet at Deck 14. 

I think this is the best out of what we have ordered. Roasted duck. The texture is good and with the sweet sauce, the taste enhanced further.

Let me show you the section where shopping area and cafes/restaurants are, spreading up from Deck 5 to 7. There are musical performances every night. Just sit back and enjoy with a cuppa coffee or any drinks. You will love it if you are musically inclined. Wahahaha... very Christmasy because is December duh! Christmas in less than 2 weeks when we come back from cruise.

At the same deck (Deck 5), you can pop in their cafe for breakfast or tea time as they have a variety of pastries to choose from. We had one of our breakfast there. Sugar donuts, croissants, au chocolat, McDonalds' look-alike McMuffin and many more.

And then when the night is still young, my hub and I hang out at their Skywalker lounge (cum disco) at level 16 or 18 I can't remember. For a beer or cocktail but no dancing. I don't see that I have that mood for disco dancing. I think we went up two consecutive nights. He kept poking fun of me for not dancing. Kaoz... call me a log. WTH!

Well... if you are hungry after partying, there is 24 hours room service for you to call on. Response time about 20 - 30 minutes.

The fried noodles is so-so. It looks tasty but pin too high hopes on that. It is free (no prices on the menu) so what do you expect? So long as it fills up your hungry tummy.

And this wantan soup is the same as the one we ordered on our first day's dinner at that restaurant. Please refer to the above. The soup is not very tasty but still alright. Same goes to the dumplings, which is big one. 

Nah... the fishball noodles soup. I really can't expect much, really. Just eat. The porridge was a plain one with condiments and all to add in order to get some taste. But my friend told me to try their salad which according to her is good. But my hub don't want. We also order burgers/sandwiches the other night. He is really opportunistic, knowing that it is free so he gave no chance.

So let me present to you, Sapphire Princess. Do check it out and hope you have visualized in mind how this cruise ship is with my post. Typically like any cruise line but then, this is bigger than Star Virgo I guess. And pardon me for more of food pics in this post than anything else. I'm a food blogger. Too bad. Haha... Stay tune for my next post on the stopover at Penang.