Travelogue | Taipei, Taiwan (New Insights)

Well... if you can tell from my previous posts of Taipei, I have been to multiple places there and some on repeat mode because of its convenience. So is Taipei, again for once but let me bring you to new places where I have not gone exploring in the past trips.

New Beitou 新北投 --- Gonggguan 公館 --- Xindian 新店

Get on board the colourful train to New Beitou. I was intrigued by not just the exterior but interior of the train. It stands out among the fleet of trains. There is also display of cartoon models that reflects about the background of the destination at the interchange platform to New Beitou. A typical photo stop. But I didn't take any because it s not just me wanting to take photos only.

Brown theme, it tells you a little history of hot spring or bath houses way back in the days when Taiwan was ruled by the Japanese. Yes... New Beitou is known for a galore of hot springs. In my opinion, it is the most accessible place for hot springs as compared to Yang Ming Shan 陽明山 because the train brings you straight to relaxation paradise. On your way in the train, you can find out some information through a bath tub like Information Directory. So cute.

Welcome to New Beitou. Be greeted by a traditional facade right outside the metro station. Walk straight up across the road to places of interest.

Walking up slope, be greeted with the unique architecture of Taipei Public Libary Beitou Branch. Saw it online before when I was researching on places of interest at Beitou. Relax at the outdoor area for some quiet moments or read away with your favourite book.

Visited the hot spring museum. We have to take off the shoes before entering. Provided a place to take off our shoes and a little cubicle to put them. Now let my photos take you through the museum and learn how hot springs come about and its history in Taiwan.

Some old school movie posters. I wonder how many collectors are there in this era who still have old movie posters from the past. Not much left. Some of the posters I saw are reprints. So that value is not there anymore. 

As you walk further up after visiting the museum, there are more public hotsprings, hotspring hotels or resorts. The designs of the exterior has this Japanese feel. Don't you think? I would love to book one of those hotels one day if we come again. 

It was kind of warm that day when we came to New Beitou. And that makes us wanting to head back hotel to change before meeting our friends for lunch. Haiz... why come in the beginning of December?

Lastly, I suggest you peeps pop in to this supermarket Wellcome 頂好. I love strolling inside supermarkets because it fascinates me with the varieties of stuff. And yes this one did WOW me from head to toe. By looking at their frozen and fresh food, I'm impressed. Maybe because it is in Taiwan so I find our supermarkets so boring though large (like Giant Hypermart at Vivocity). Probably the next time I come Taiwan, I shall book a AirBnb apartment and I can shop for groceries here for my stay. I'm so excited. 

Hello from Gongguan 公館. Actually I have been here before but it was just a walk along the building at the main road. Didn't have the courage to explore the back alley where more shops are and of course, food stalls too. That was many years back when I first came to Taipei for holiday. Now I'm back here again, more courageous to walk in and out of the alley to explore. 

As we walked along, saw lots of people queuing at this store. I guess is some milk shakes or bubble tea. Couldn't be bothered to find out more. Anyway, it is common everywhere to see people queuing for food and for everything. 

Spotted this Sanrio gift shop. Thought there will be something to buy for his niece and nephew for Christmas but no luck. So Kitty lovers, here is another shopping paradise for you at Gongguan. It is a 2 storey shop. Enjoy.

I was heading diagonally to Eslite 誠品 Bookstore to grab books for my dad, as usual. It has been like a ritual to buy books for him whenever I come Taiwan because some books are not available in Singapore and is cheaper to buy from Taiwan since it is published there. So as I cross over to the bookstore, I happen to spot their university, National Taiwan University (NTU). I was like wow... the students here are in luck when shopping and food are within reach. And is conveniently near metro station. This is called strategically located. I like!

Was visually seduced by the different types of bread they have in this bakery. Omg. When will I be able to make them on my own that will taste good and able to sell out to public? I hope I can fulfill this wish in 2016. So that ends our trip to Gongguan after a rest at Starbucks for coffee. Chillax.

If you want to experience the youth culture of Taipei, come to Gongguan.

Curiosity brought us to Xindian 新店 and to Bitan 碧潭. It was drizzling on our way there before it turns into a shower. To the suspension bridge.

The view from the bridge, up above Xindian River. The bridge connects both sides of the neighbourhood. You can see paddle boats and due to the drizzle, you can see there is no one paddling on the river, except for one odd couple. Weird. And it is a little foggy. What is there to see then? On better days, yes. You sit back, relax and paddle your way along the river to serenity.

On the other side of the bridge. There are F&B outlets that was not opened yet when we were crossing the bridge to the other side of the neighbourhood. Guess on weekends, it must be a great place to chill out with family and friends.

I called it the greenery cliffs. Hahaha... as you get nearer, you know you have reached the other side of the bridge. I suddenly feel I'm like at this Mount Ermei 峨嵋山. Also like a little fogged with a temple/shrine or whatever on top of the mountain or so. You just like look across it and exclaimed. Haha... sorry for my exaggerating imagination. 

This is how it looks. The Bitan Suspension Bridge. As you walk along the bridge, yes it did feel a little bouncy you get what I mean? And yes it started to rain heavier so we took shelter at 7-11 where we get to sit down, have a drink (more of a hot coffee) while waiting for it to get lighter. 

I think that probably sums up my trip to Taiwan. I like how I organize my posts and is way better than I get everything in one post (a mixture of everything). So if you miss my previous posts for this trip, read it now:

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