Food Review | Chir Chir Singapore

In Singapore, there is this Korean frenzy going on for years which started from  KPOP and K Drama. Up till now, it went way in depth to their fashion and even food. Yes... they overwhelmed JPOP a.k.a Japanese Pop. Anyway, there are many Korean restaurants entering Singapore market which you may know of like Chir Chir that sells fried chicken since 2014 when their first outlet opened in Singapore. This is just one of the many. There are also Korean BBQ, army stew, ginseng chicken, tteokbokki (soft rice cake) and etc.

So since it is more convenience to travel down to Chinatown Point (new outlet) than to Orchard, I met my friend at their new outlet for dinner at Chir Chir. After that can go shopping at the festive market right? Since you are at Chinatown already. I wanna know why humans are so crazy frenzy over Korean food. Oh by the way, I happen to know from Facebook that their chicken are Halal certified though the shop itself is not because they serve alcoholic drinks like beer. What are you waiting for? Still unsure? Ask again at the counter or enquire on their Facebook Page.

I love their shop front deco. Super vintage. I can buy all these canvas photos and make my house hall way a galley of my collection. Will be super proud of it. Then on the other side of the wall, I can hang my proudest photo work. Now I only got one. Still picking out the best. Oops... side track a bit. Don't mind.

Spicy BBQ Roasted Chicken ($32.90)

My god. This is so spicy for BBQ sauce. Even my friend who takes spicy food also cannot take it. And I personally think that the portion suits 3 persons than 2. Too big a portion for 2 ladies. No wonder the table beside us asked to takeaway the rest. Phew... And there is tteokbokki with it too. Oh man I do love tteokbokki. I love the chewing part. Chew until your gums sore also never mind. We chose the roasted over fried one because diet purpose. Hahah... okay next time try the fried one.

Mac & Cheese ($9.90)

My first time trying. And I'm curious of the taste. Plus I heard my husband's niece and nephew watching some kids show and there is one that sings 'Macaroni Macaroni Mac & Cheese....  blah blah blah...' I forgotten. And yes indeed, macaroni and cheese. Damn cheesy I tell you. I wonder if my husband can take it if I force him to have cheese. He dislikes cheese. Unless it hidden inside the food or does not appears before him. If not, he tries his best to avoid too cheesy or tomato-ish food.

Chir Cream Beer - Half Pint ($13.90)

Okay... stress from work. Die die must have beer especially when I meet this girlfriend of mine. My BFF. Cos after that I will start blabbering to her all the frustrating and annoying stuff at work. Seriously, beer is still my best companion when I'm out with friends. But damn it, I shall order just a normal beer will do. Omit that cream. Pointless to me.

Lady Killer ($16.90)

Looks like this is some mocktail with Cass beer. Excuse me. And this is good for 2 person you know? My friend is trying her best to finish up the drink. And they put 2 straws. So which means is true la. For 2 persons consumption.

So the serving time was quite fast like about 5-10 minutes. Nowadays I see restaurants are investing more on the devices for ordering purpose. Fast and efficient, unless the device spoilt. But they have a duty of care to make sure that it is checked in good condition before they open for business everyday. Anyway, still commendable for their food. And there is this mini tongs for holding or taking your chicken without dirtying your hands. But I think I would rather use the conventional way of eating food with hands. Then you can lick the sauce from your fingers like nobody's business. This is me, wanting to ignore how others' look at me but simply fail big time. Why like that sia? What pleases me most is having a mini bin on the table for your chicken bones. The way they handle hygiene is quite commendable. Rather than throwing on the table or mixing with leftover food on the serving plate.

So now if you want use 1 stone kill 2 birds, head on down to try (if you haven't) and shop at Chinese New Year festive market at Chinatown which has started already. I'm heading down this Sunday for some New Year shopping. Cya!

Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory
133 New Bridge Road
Chinatown Point #01-43
Singapore 059413
Nearest MRT: Chinatown (NEL/Downtown Line)