Long Achievable Way to a Nice Bod

Not just a long journey to achieve a nice toned body, you wanna maintain it like forever. But there is no forever if you think that effort you put in for a period of time to achieve will last forever when actually, it is not. Your eating habits, exercise habits and lifestyle determine a forever or not. 

Habits are really something many of us had a hard time to change. Esp changing some bad habits. What kind of bad habits? Sleeping late. Having suppers. Snacking on junkies (chips, eg.). Not drinking enough water. Lazy to exercise. And many more. I admit I'm one of those. But then I do have good habits too (build up since I got married).
  • Stairs walking (Ascending) and walking as much as I can.
  • Drinking of lemon water on empty stomach in the morning.
  • Squats during shower time (Yes I know is weird but I like).
  • Side legs lifting on bed before hitting the sack (glute strengthening exercises)
Credit: www.fitbie.com
I guess way back to my 1st Half Marathon in 2013 November, I slack up to date. The lack of proper exercise and healthy eating for a year plus. I don't know why. During this period is wedding prep and house renovation + moving in. I understand these are just many excuses human give. Till now 2015, I still have not been motivated. But then I guess I just have to start somewhere somehow. 

Have to recall what I did previously during the period of slimming down. I think I blogged about it before. Not sure. Or maybe it is just all in my mind.
  • Squats in the office toilet (Extreme right? But just to spend away some time).
  • Eat smaller portions.
  • Running a minimum 2 km after work as much time as I can.
  • Skip dinners if I really don't feel the urge to eat after running/swimming.
  • Walk up the stairs to Level 13 as warm up before going for my run.
Should I incorporate what I did previously with what I do now? I think I should.

  • My journey back home takes an hour plus and I will reach home at 7+ pm.
  • I don't like to run alone at night esp knowing that my area is full of construction sites.
  • My hub is not cooperative in this area as we have a treadmill at home.
  • I can't run much on treadmill as the max speed is 6. I'm in between 6.5 - 7.5 at least.
Yes... my constraints can yet be excuses again. But logical or not? You know your safety is compromised but yet you still wanna go ahead and run is it? No one will pity you if anything happens. Because you can prevent it.

So I left with weekends and public holidays. 

Imagine last time before married, me and my hub will run on Sun morning. Drag ourselves up for the run no matter how unwilling we are. Regretted buying that treadmill. To him, that treadmill is more effective on him as he sweats more. He will not open the windows in the room and will close the door. His way of burning fats. 

Nonetheless, I will remember and appreciate what has helped in my slimming regime. Running.

Credit: www.scribewise.com
Sometimes, I really need to push myself beyond as my age catches up with me concurrently. I'm really surprised how much I can push myself last time to even disrupt my menses pattern. And my mum is already saying how skinny I am. But I don't see how skinny I am. I'm more particular on my thighs. I hate thunder thighs. It builds up over the years because of my desk-bound job. Bad. 2nd will be my arms and last, my tummy.

That time, I will take #OOTD which only for my viewing pleasure and not for sharing. But I find it hard to compare the changes for times. So this time round, I do it differently. Please restraint from seeing some unglam photos of mine if you find me disgusting.

I do love my butt and still working on it to get a nice round butt with my everyday squats. I don't seems to be able to do more squats than 30 reps after my 2nd Half Marathon in Nov 2014. See lah. That is what happens when you don't run in proper for a year and my timing compared in both years has slight difference. Last year I'm slower by 5-10 mins. My calves are killing me at 16 km. But lucky can complete.

I think my stretch marks look very obvious in this picture (left pic) but I guess I have to be grateful because my stretchmarks are very minimal though you can see it if I'm on swimwear. Oh man... I working hard on my butt. One fine day, you peeps will get to see my nice round butt. All thanks to my squats exercise. For thigh gaps, you stand wider you can get it. But stop deceiving yourself. 

There is gonna be one fine day when you decided that it is enough. I need to stop being lazy and burn the excess fats off my body and be the rest me again. Really rolled eyes on my shape right now. Idiot. Dear Running, I miss you actually. I miss my old kicks too.

I shall give myself up to end of 2015, which is 31 Dec 2015 to achieve back my toned bod. Have to give myself more time to achieve it than before. Unless I'm pregnant. But I doubt so. Stay tune. I also can visualize myself in the fattest me if I'm pregnant. Damn it.

If you are interested to sponsor me home exercise equipment, please do drop me a mail at iamstellachen@ymail.com and I can really be a good example of before and after using your equipment. Just take a look at my fat and ugly photos above. You will know how much of changes I can have.

Or if you have any tips to share with me, drop a comment on this post or email me. Love to hear from you peeps.