A Different Lunar New Year 2015

Happy Lunar New Year! How's the long weekend of yours? Collected lots of red packets? Or just like me, gave red packets for the 1st time as married woman? Kind of exciting when giving out red packets. And didn't expect to receive too. Cos we are newly wed and 1st LNY as married couples. And as usual, their wishes are the same: Next year red packet will give your kids. Well... so common right? Okay... try our best. Let nature take its course. 

So let me share with you my week of feasting and visiting during Lunar New Year week. Mostly feasting. That reflects how much a foodie I am.

Reunion dinners...

This year's reunion lunch & dinner, our main cast on the dining table is Pen Cai. Never tried before and was looking forward to it. But both our family use different cooking style to do up the Pen Cai, and of course other dishes.
Reunion Dinner at In-Law's place
Reunion Lunch at my parents' place

Pen Cai at my parents' place
On the 1st day of New Year...

After a long day of visiting, head back to my parents' place for dinner before heading to hub's place as our last point. Simple fare as usual except abalone. Seriously, we only have abalone on LNY. Till now, we don't go to the luxury life of having abalone on every festive occasion. Only Lunar New Year. My parents used 45mins to cook all the necessary. Some just heat up, as you know we will buy lots of food before to keep during this period as the wet market will be closed.

On the 2nd day of New Year...

Supposed to be 初二回娘家 but I already did so on 1st day. So my 2nd day is stay home Friday. Porridge for brunch and then whipped up our dinner below. Mum bought a whole roasted chicken and gave me half. Hub insisted to finish it fast as it will spoil. Or will have that bony, fridge taste. Well... we used some for our porridge and the rest just finish up during dinner. Great! Also my favourite stir fried long beans in dry shrimp chilli.

On the 3rd day of New Year...

The only place we went was to Hub's colleague place in the evening. Some random shots.

On the 4th day of New Year...

We didn't go out and stay at home all day long. Except the hub went out for a short while for coffee with his buddy. Had 2 consecutive days of porridge for breakfast on 3rd & 4th day. Love it. Then also get dinner done. Seriously, I love filters. It not only bring my photos brighter but enhances it to look delicious. LINE Camera is awe! And taste good too. As per Hub's feedback.

Breakfast menu - Porridge
Dinner menu - Cabbage with shrimps
Dinner menu - Stir fried lean pork
On the 5th day of New Year...

Start work! Met my ITE classmate for lunch at Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe. 2nd time we had lunch there. I guess till now, my only favourite was their fried prawns a.k.a tempura prawns. Nice and fresh. And it tastes all the same for the rest. As in no 'WOW' factor.

1st lunch
2nd lunch
On the 6th day of New Year...

Got a lunch treat from Professor together with student mentors at Kuishin-bo, Jurong Point. A Japanese restaurant in buffet setting. From desserts to seafood, a variety to choose from. As usual, I'm a lousy buffet patron. Usually one would go for expensive items like prawns, mussels, salmon and so on. But I go for the following (in the photo). So tell me about it. The yusheng is so-so. And is my 1st Yusheng of 2015 Lunar New Year. Also all the cakes were too pretty to resist. So I started with desserts. My colleagues were surprised too. Sugar intoxication. 

So is 7th day of Lunar New Year. Wishing all a Happy Birthday! Stay tune for the next post.