Culinary | Home Cook's Journal VI

Got miss my home cooked foods? If you follow me on Instagram, should be able to see some of my works.

But it has been long since I do a post on my cooking. 废话少说. Let's start.

Some typical ingredients I use for my fried rice cooking. Found in my fridge and kitchen cabinet. 

Another version of my fried rice. I think green peas is like a must to enhance the color of the overall outlook. And eggs mixture too. The rest is up to you to explore. I'm gonna do a silver fish fried egg soon. Stay tune.

And so slowly and steady, I should be able to master my Fried Rice skill. The husband loves it and request on every other days. Probably I can cook better Fried Rice than him. Well done. At least something that I can be on par with him. Very competitive. I mean is just me one sided thoughts.

Standard Condiments: Pepper, Sesame Oil, Fish Sauce, Light Soya Sauce

One of those weekend dinners which we never want to go the extreme. So simply cook something that requires no planning and just fried and stir-fry. 

Husband spotted pre-packed crocodile meat. Cost about $9+. We marinate the meat with standard marination recipe and also ginger to rid the smell (if any). The texture before cooking is quite tough but after stir frying with spring onion, so soft and chewy. Try it.

Our weekend home-cooked breakfast. We wanted a Hong Kong style breakfast which we saw on Hong Kong drama. Typical one we saw on drama in HK home are like Porridge, dough fritters, noodles, orange juice/milk. So I cook that porridge. Air-fry pre-made dough fritters bought from NTUC.

The length of dough fritters fit so well in my Philips airfryer. Seriously love my airfryer as it has been so convenience and useful in my cooking journey the last 8 months. I really recommend every household to own airfryer. 

First time we cook curry at home. Usually we had curry at his place. This time we tried on our own. This curry we cook has no coconut milk and thus it tastes like those curry served with roti prata. I keep telling my husband that I'm having roti prata. So shiok. Without coconut milk, we manage to have this pot of curry for at least 3 days. Money saving mode. I like. It gets spicier as days passed and the taste gets better and thick.

So this is one of the style the husband want. 2 hotdogs and omelette. Carrot and potatoes in the curry gets softer with every cook. Wow...

The photo does not do justice to our home-cooked Hokkien Mee. Hub did a good job for the 2nd time on Hokkien Mee. He has this cooking talent which he doesn't want to explore/exploit it. Stupid. I always tell him that if he loses his current job, he can be a cook or open a stall. He really can cook well.

Alright. That's about it. Not sure where other photos are. Gonna dig out. Sorry for the long wait. You can follow me on Instagram for updates. Bye!