The current ME

Slimming Process

Since the day I set my mind on dieting in May 2011, I never regret even till now. 

Yup I lost weight, lost my boobs and butt too (shrink in size, damnit).

From 55kg in 2011, I am 50kg currently. It goes down and up like stock market. So my weight can vary from 49 - 52kg. But most of the time now, is 50-51kg in between. 

From Medium size, I can now wear Small size clothings. But the hips remain as usual. Big. My waist went a little down to my usual 27 from 29-30inch. 

What did I do to get myself in this now? 

Run. Stairs walking. Eat small baby portion. Walk as much as I can.  Poo. Swim. 

Eating junkies still. Never fail on that. 

Now appetite small. Easily full. No soft drinks with fastfood meals. No sauces too. 

All these cannot be achieved without the support of my guy and my family. And I'm happy about that.


Learn from my friend. Lesser cold drinks. And alcoholic. More warm stuff. 

This has helped me in lesser white discharge after my menses (Yeah!).

No smoking since I left my ex company of 4.5 years. I smoke quite regularly during this 4.5 years. 

Glad I'm done away with it. For 2 years already. Cool. No such nonsense anymore.

Less drinking sessions. Actually I also don't drink much. But then when I have beer, it actually helps me the next day in a smoother bowel movement. It happens on me. I don't know about other people. But once awhile will do. I just drank last Friday. Quite minimal.

Took Vitamin C supplement. My friend gave me Royal Jelly in capsules form and I took it too. 

I'm also taking once a week Eu Yan Sang's Bak Foong pills. 

Thinking of getting Vitamin B and Iron supplement. Due to the fact that I seldom eat healthily (very contradicting and I don't know how to explain), not able to absorb lots of nutrients I guess. So supplement will lend me a hand while I try to take in more nutrients through food stuff.

Trying to get my body into good condition. Real good one.  


Now I just want to have ample sleep. I want to stop looking at my phone after 11pm everyday and sleep like a pig throughout. Beauty sleep.

Combining all my efforts above, I want to look better from within. I want a glowing face without makeup. 

I want to be the prettiest bride of 2014!!!