Travelogue | Lunar New Year in Taipei - Take 3

Well I'm gonna continue with my trip. Don't know why I have to drag many parts out. Anyway... let me continue on my Day 2 which is also the first day of Lunar New Year, to Yangmingshan and hotspring.

So first stop we reach Xiao You Keng 小油坑 after a massive jam along the way. Superb cool and foggy and you can't really see anything. OMG! And at first I thought is raining and we never bring brolly. Our jacket does not have hoodie. Damn it. Then ask the tour guide and she said should be due to the condensation caused by the fog or whatever. Ok fine. Brave ourselves through the 'rain' and see the volcano areas (erupted already) and can smell the strong sulphur.

This type of condition stopped me from bringing out my camera to snap photos. Well... Maybe consider coming again but NOT IN THIS WEATHER!

And then we head down to view Cherry blossom aka Sakura.... 

In the bus, we saw lots of people walking down or up by the road side. Some even park their cars along the road. I think is kind of clever though tedious because is such a long way but u can avoid the massive jam. No wonder jam. The road kind of narrow, seriously. Haiz...

And here we are... 

Went to grab some food. Had stinky toufu but my guy and fren say not stinko enough. Damnit. How stink is stink to them? I wonder.

And we head up with our food. That small gas boyfriend of mine is angry cos I shouted at him in front of so many people. Hey please... is his fault for tapping on my shoulder again and again telling me he is going to the toilet while I'm snapping photos away. Deserve it.

Lots of people. People mountain people sea. Hahahah translate that to Chinese is 人山人海. There is still some more food stalls on the side way. I had a hotdog but never snap a pic. The hotdog is coated with a thick layer of flour (I guess) and fry it. To me that layer seems to be bread more than flour. How they do it? I wanna try it out at home.

I bought their red bean milky ice cream despite the coldness. Never tried Taiwan ice cream before so just gotta do it. 

You see above how many people are there. So crowded. Waiting for bus or tour bus. Cars. Hogging the road. So dangerous. But this is the mood during CNY. Hahahahaha....

And then we head for hotspring. We are so happy to soak ourselves in hotspring with this kind of weather. But then, we never know until we reach there.

The hotspring we went is public one as the tour guide advise that will be better because don't need to q up damn long. Yup indeed there is a long q for rooms. But u have to strip naked and dip yourself in there. My very first time although previously was a room. Stripping naked in public hotspring? Hmm... alright. Gotta get used to it.

Oh so I went in myself and my guy and fren went to for theirs. Never did I know after I have enjoyed my hotspring, they did not manage to soak. Because is damn bloody crowded and you can't even put one leg in. So end up only me had enjoyed and the rest waited for me. Hee...

And that's the end of our half day tour and was sent back to our hotel safely. Decided to have dinner at the stall below our hotel. 

Each of us had a bowl of 米粉汤 and is delicious. It is not the type of  米粉汤 we had in Singapore, which is long beehoon kind. Theirs is those we use in laksa which is 粗米粉. You can have lotsa serving because you won't get full with that.

And so the guys had a bowl of 鲁肉饭 to satisfy their stomach. For me is enough.

This is the yummiest 大肠 I ever had. No regrets in having this. The guys thinks the same too.

My favourite 米粉汤. The soup is tasty and really a simple fare for light eaters. Thumbs up.

After the meal, we head to convenience store and buy some drinks. Yup beers, yoghurt drink and my 木瓜牛奶. They say by drinking this, you can have big boobs? Is that true? K fine. I try for this few days okay?

I saw at a shop in Singapore selling  木瓜牛奶 this brand. Gonna look for it or DIY at home kitchen. But I don't have a blender. Sighz...

The cup noodles is standby for supper, just in case either of us hungry and we can sweep it off the bowl. End up bringing back to SG. And my guy love the one at the back (orange packaging) and is superb nice. But he said the other one don't look seductive enough to attract him into eating. What the hell! Then I'm gonna have it. 

Yup here is the fruit beer. U know since first day we reach Taipei, I keep asking the guys to drink their beer. Low alcoholic and is way cheaper than in Singapore. So I ask them to drink in Taipei rather in Singapore because I doubt they will want to drink this kind of fruit beer when they are more towards high alcoholic ones. Wahahahah... But for me, I love. Just like Jolly Shandy.

I don't know why but I love this 科学面 since I first step foot in Taipei and everytime I come, I will look for this and 王子面. To some it may be salty but to me, is a form of enjoyment munching away your favourite snack.

So we rest for awhile before heading out to their nightspot. Quite excited because is our first time. Initially wanna go Barcode or Room 18 but find high and low, can't see either of them till I spotted Barcode but we are too early. So our business is snatched away by Lava. It is also just nearby Barcode at the ground floor outside Neo 19. 

Still we are way too early in Lava. Kaoz.. but the crowd starting to form as time passes by. 

Basically, the PR (a male) approach us when we passby their club outside. So since we are too early, decided that Lava is our choice at that moment. I forgot how much we paid for, think TWD600 or TWD300 either of them for male and female. Eh... as we are not locals, lucky I bring passport out cos I expected it. So they scan using that. The PR asked if we want to take a table instead because later on will be crowded and won't have much place to stand even. Ok this is my logic and I am not condemning nightspots there. Because we are not local though we are still Chinese, but we don't know their way of doing business. I told my guy what if taking a table is asking us to open bottle (like in Singapore), do we have enough to pay? So we just see how others do before deciding or maybe next round, we will be clever a bit. And please hor... I never really see them drinking beers and mostly are glasses on their hand. OMG! We don't dare to order beers and just follow the crowd. And when about 11.30 pm, I decided that we should go before the last train goes. The guys are disappointed because the happenings have not started yet. Wahahahahah.... Next time ba.

Go there and experience yourself. And nice namecard they have. 

The address is: 信義區松壽路22號, Neo 19.

And that's the end of my post and for Day 2. Finally I'm finishing on my post for Taipei trip real soon. Stay tune for TAKE 4!