Food Review | HongGuo 红锅 & Sapore Italiano

Always telling myself I must try and finally I strike off from my To Do List yesterday.

Went to their outlet at newly renovated 133 New Bridge Road, Chinatown Point, #02-34.

Had their set meals at $7.80++ which include a main course and selected drink. Plus additional side dishes at $2 each. Quite worth right? Total bill is about $23. Suitable for us who are on budget yet wanted something nice and savoury to fill our stomach after a hard day. But please read my reviews.

First up. Our drinks. Hot Milk Tea and Iced Lemon Tea.

Wanted something to warm my body. Now I learn to drink less cold stuff. Their milk tea tends to be a little sweet actually but maybe that's the way it is. I won't have make it that sweet if I brew it myself. Not sure about their Iced Lemon Tea but for my guy who is anti-sweet stuff, he is fine with the sweetness level. 

Next up. His order: Lotus Leaf Chicken Chop Fried Rice.

When they serve up his fried rice, the first thing that hits your sense is the aromatic smell of chicken chop. Damn nice. Comes with a soup too. But my guy doesn't like the taste of their soup and so never finish up that bowl in the end. But for the chicken chop, I try a small bits. The meat is surrounded by fats and end up, it is like once you bite, the fats is oozing out instead of the real taste of that chicken meat. That's all I can say. But the crispiness on the outside remains. The fried rice is savoury. 

I think for the next round, we will choose their Seafood Fried Rice instead. Don't really recommend this Chicken Chop Fried Rice even though it really smell damn good.

Next up. My order: XO Fried Noodles.

Actually is a Seafood fried noodles. There is sotong and prawns, along with onions, red and green peppers. It is confirmed tasty which comes with a little saltiness and greasy too though, still bearable.  

Lastly are the side dishes. Crispy Silver fish and String bean with pork. 

This silver fish looks so appealing to me and it tastes yum yum. It is like a snack which once you started, you can't stop. It also tastes a little crunchy. Nom nom... I love it. The oiliness is bearable. I wonder if they sprinkle some paprika on top.

The other side I will recommend is this Stringbean with pork. Okay from here you can only see the beans and no pork. I never realise till I see my order slip and as I eat further, the pathetic bits of pork can be seen inside. Minced pork and very little. But I concentrated only on their beans. It tastes crunchy and savoury and bearable level of oiliness.

Overall, if you are looking for budget meal please have this in your list. There are other choices in their menu which you can order ala carte instead of their set meal which limits to three choices for each category (main course, drinks and side dishes).

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Okay let me do a short introduction on my personal new found place.

It is at NUS U Town. Took a shuttle bus D2 in the campus, very convenience.

I had my lunch yesterday at Sapore Italiano. They have lunch sets at affordable price of $6.90 or $7.90 (if I remember correctly) which you can choose between pasta or pizza. The only difference between the price is their drinks. $6.90 set is canned drinks and likewise for $7.90 set, you can choose juices and etc. I took $6.90 set of course. Budget! Had their carbonara pasta + Coke Light. 

Here it comes. My carbonara, for the first time.

I love it. Before that, I usually had my all time favourite Aglio olio. And I don't really like creamy pasta until recently at Blisshouse (The Central), we had Mushroom Alfredo and very impressed especially my guy because he too hates creamy stuff or basically he don't enjoy pasta. What a waste! So for a change, I had carbonara! The creamy level is just right, not too overly and just a little saltiness from bacon makes it perfect. But have it while it's hot piping. When it turns cold, it will taste a little yucky. 

So if you wanna try, come to 1 Create Way #01-06 NUS University Town (Clementi) and they open up to 11pm. I think their last order or payment is at 10pm. Check it out.