Travelogue | Lunar New Year in Taipei - Finale

Well finally I'm gonna finish up my post for this CNY in Taipei. Any readers on my other related posts? Nice or not? Here is the links that you may want to check it out again, if you haven't.
So I'm gonna start my Day 3 and Day 4 (which is quite a bit only I guess).

And towards my Day 3 in Taipei which is 2nd day of Chinese New Year. So fast I'm going back the next day already. Sad. I have planned my own itinerary but only cover bits. Sighz... Anyway I have no worries cos I know I will be back to this country which I love so much.

After our breakfast at hotel, we head to Confucius Temple. My purpose is very obvious when going there. Pray for good results for my studies. A smooth 2013 for me. Hooray... So we took a train there. Weather is some how not cold but not hot too. What is this? Walk a short distance to the temple. Actually very convenience. Lucky for us.

I saw wordings on the lantern that says 风调雨顺 which I translate using Google, it says good weather. Eh... something along this line. Pardon me for not knowing. Usually we will say in this way: 风调雨顺, 国泰民安.  Greetings. Wahahahahha...

Nice right the place? Rather quiet. Eh... okay cos if crowded also boring. So after praying and viewing the place, we end the temple trip with making a wish.

We head out. Just opposite the temple, we saw street hawkers. Yummy... I think they are illegal ones, if not they won't start pushing their cart away upon knowing police is coming. We saw that. But do you know sometimes these street hawkers have the nicest food as compared to those restaurants? I guess u know it.

Yummy. This beancurd is damn nice. I posted in my Instagram before. There is a taste of ginger in it. Makes it so perfect. The beancurd is so soft, is like melting in your mouth.

After satisfying our stomach, we head to another temple nearby. The weather turns sort of hot and I have to take out my jacket. Can't stand it.

So we end our temple tour. Funny as in this trip, we went at least 3 temples. Wow... God will bless us. And along the way to the station, we saw people selling fire crackers. Hey we can put fire crackers in Taipei. Not like in Singapore. So we bought a box for the fun of it.

And then as we have bits of time left before we head back hotel for another half day tour, I really have to head to Eslite at Xinyi district as I need to buy a book that my dad wants.

I spot Agnes B cafe at Eslite building too. Wow... But if I ask the guys to have cakes, they will feel rather dragged. So after I grab my book, we head down to Ximending for lunch.

Sorry no photos cos we had those usual ones + iced red tea. Superb refreshing and superb love.  So we head back hotel by cab. Not ex. But about SGD5.

Make it a quick sum up our half day tour. First stop to Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall.

Hey why got 邓丽君 in there? I like this van. Quite vintage looking. 

I think most of us will head there especially if you sign up for tour package. But for me, I been there for countless times. Each time is for the sake of friends who came Taipei for the first time. 

Next to Taipei's Martyrs Shrine. Another place in itinerary. Standard, I guess.

That's our friend, with the guard. Okay this place also countless times. Haiz... I won't want to come here again. I want new places.

Wanted to head for Sanxia (by tour) but unfortunately the guide for that tour is not working so I have to change. So sad. Next round I will head there.

Next, we head for Craft Centre and traditional temple of Taipei.

Take a look at the photo below. My guy said that he felt like standing right at a street of Tokyo, Japan. I felt that too. Superb got feel. I miss Tokyo. *wave at Tokyo* I will come again real soon.

Actually within these few days, we been to quite a few temples in Taipei. Not bad huh? Blessings are what we brought back with us. A wonderful 2013 Snake year.

Last destination, National Palace Museum. As we are not allowed to take photos inside the premises, unable to show what we see in there. But after the tour inside, I manage to snap some photos outside.

After the tour, we were sent back to hotel. Head for dinner at MOS burger. Quite silly right? But wanted to see if there is any specialty which Singapore doesn't have.

Shop around the mall just nearby our hotel. Went back hotel for pee, poo and rest before heading to Shilin Night Market. When we are about to head out, he said that Shilin is overcrowded (news flash on tv) and I told him that is the purpose of going. Chinese New Year must be very crowded to have that atmosphere.

About 8+ I think, we went out. Head to Linsen Park to fire up that cracker. Right! I video down. But inside is a horrifying scream by me. Damn it. My guy and fren said is such a waste. Call me timid lah blah blah blah... Damn it! Got wrong isit? My guy said is not enough. He is addicted to fire crackers. Of course when Singapore doesn't allow that. Mandatory okay? 

And so we walk to the station and few stops, we reach Jiantan Station where Shilin Night Market is. 

Yup really people mountain people sea 人山人海. I love it but not my guy. He hates crowded places and will just walk straight to get out of the place.

I guess all these illegal sellers caused the jam. Haiz... But some of them sell nice stuff. Contradicting but well... human are like that. Don't tell me you are not when it comes to cheap n nice stuff.

So finally we manage to get through the crowd and head to the basement food street of Shilin. We stop for 猪血 and stinky toufu 臭豆腐.

My guy loves the smell. Look so spicy for that soup base. Sure gonna be yummy.

The soup base is superb nice. Very spicy. I can't take it but I still go ahead cos too hard to resist. And the stinky toufu is damn crispy. Love max. 

Opposite the stall sells steak. Ohhh.... How I wish I can have it but I am full still even after MOS burger. Damn it. I shouldn't have suggested going for MOS burger. *Pui* 

After that, we get up and walk one round to see what other stalls they have. And I happen to see BBQ squid!!! I want to buy but that stupid boyfriend of mine walk so fast and far that I can't catch up! So I give up the idea. And I scream at him for that. No forgiveness. Is a must to have that BBQ squid! Is a sin to me not to have that!!! Then as we walk down, I spotted squid again but this time round is fried type.

Superb big right? At first I thot I'm gonna hold this big squid to munch but luckily they cut if for us. Yum yum. Very crispy and tender. One bite after another. U just can't stop and u just can't have enough. Woohoo... Satisfy my crave for squid. Okay. Forgive and forget that BBQ squid. Next time round. 

Went opposite for iced red tea, yet again. Too thirsty. 

Bubble tea. But why didn't I just try their bubble tea when I keep mentioning to the guys? Stupid. All I think of is Iced Red Tea. Tell me about it. I'm a Iced Red Tea lover. 

Then we walk along the way. Saw a young lady selling grilled quail eggs? Sounds interesting. So we stop and try. Kaoz... Nothing one. 

Then continue down the road. Found a shop that sells door curtains. Good deal! Only NTD100 which is about SGD4.27 and the variety of patterns are nice. So I bought two of them back. Wanted to buy more but I scare my mum will scream at me. Never expect that she wants more! Damn it! I always buy alots of stuff home and they will say buy so many for what? My parents are contradicting themselves too. Not me only. That's why I'm their daughter.

End our day... Heading back to hotel. Bought some gifts from opposite of our hotel at Hsin Tung Yang which opens 24 hours. So surprising. I regret not buying more of 王子面 back home. Arrghh... Fine! Next time okay? 

Thus is picking up our holiday mood to go back Singapore the following day. Superb sian. How I wish I can stay longer. But too bad. We are not as fortunate as Taiwanese who have a week long CNY holiday. Ours is only 3 days. So sad.

Here we are waiting for our flight to Hong Kong for transit back to Singapore.

At Hong Kong airport having a light meal. Kind of silly because we got in-flight meal when heading back to Singapore. But we still go ahead. 

Plain and expensive. Whatever. Just wanted to spend away that HK dollars. End up I never buy back my fav snack Glico at airport. Haiz... Next round ba I guess.

My in-flight meal.

Thank you Cathay Pacific. I enjoy my flight and will choose your service again. 

I will be back end of year for a short trip as well, probably for 3 days after my final results is out and I confirmed passed and can graduate. Will go back to Confucius Temple to thank God for the blessing. I will pass!!! I will I will!!!