Poor Pathetic Me

Well.. Many will ask why I want to land myself on this kind of pathetic situation and find it hard to believe or rather stupid or moron. Maybe my tolerance level is up! Max up already. Yup... The situation is that I tendered my resignation 2 weeks back because I want to end my misery at my current workplace. It sounds terrible to you peeps but to me, is worse than anything. Maybe I am too exaggerating but that's how I feel.

I feel the misery of unfair work distribution. I feel the disorganised workplace where work is just thrown to anyone when they never even find out whether that person is ready to take up the job. I feel the manager in charge of us is way too coward and just can't find ways to help his staff or fight the rights for his staff. I feel that my limit is up for this industry and just want to learn something else which is an eye opener to me and I know nuts about it which allows me to learn from scratch.

I am that kind of person who likes learning from scratch. So even if I'm currently in an Executive post, I am more willing to start again from Assistant post for a new area of work, like in HR. But seems like no one is willing to give me a chance. Not that I have ZERO working experience, just that not in HR. Oh well... time will tell. Sure those who didn't employ me will regret to let go a good employee like me! Despite the complaints I give above. I am someone who is initiative, willing to learn new things and somehow a fast learner. Well... This is how I feel about myself. And I'm proud of it because my past employers have good impression towards my attitude at work. But for character wise, well... I'm definitely a crappy and rough lady. For you to know...

That's all about me. And so because of my resignation, I am financially tight. I have to replan my plans for the next 2 months so that everything will go on smoothly... So since then, I started to make myself save every single cents in my wallet. As much as possible. I'm a survivor! I believe in that. I brought my lunchie to work from home. Any leftovers from previous day will be my lunchie for the following day. Well... that is making me even thinner, I guess. My weight can hit 51kg u know, with my height at 1.6m (is it metres).

Let me show you what I have brought for lunchie for this past weeks since I 'throw' my letter.

9 July 2012
I was given these by my colleagues because they can't finish it and don't wanna waste. Thank you! I am damn thick-skinned. Money saved!

13 July 2012
Brought along the swissroll and mini hotdog bun from home for breakie.

And then surprisingly, my colleague bought me a hotdog bun again. Feel so blessed. My lunch is saved!

16 July 2012
Yup... Pathetic bits of leftover food from home. That's my lunchie!

17 July 2012
This is the most impressive one (I mean to myself lah). I cooked this instant noodles at home without putting the seasoning, which is meant to put during lunchie. First time I did that and brought to work. WTF!

18 July 2012
The most pathetic one. But money saved!

Towards the end of the day, unexpected treats. Appreciated.

19 July 2012
Mini fish fillet bun for breakie!!! Brought from home of cos.

21 July 2012
Is weekend. I refused to walk out of the house. If I do, that's it. Money is flying away from my wallet. So I made french toast for breakie.

For lunchie, my mum bought home kuay chup as she is out in the morning therefore no homecooked lunchie.

In the afternoon, I went to the library for assignment research. At the same time, I brought along the mango sago which I made at home for my friend who happens to be at JCube. So this is really a sweet unexpected gesture from her. She brought me these. Thank you!!!!

23 July 2012
My latest update of lunchie from home just yesterday. Saved!

Shall continue if you peeps can stand it. Well... Probably you will ask why breakie/lunchie only? How about dinner? Well... Most of the time I will head home for dinner. If I'm dating on that day, my guy spent on me. And if I have lessons that night, I probably have a pack of biscuits which I have bought long time ago which I have not finished. Or spend a dollar for finger food like spring roll, a stick of nuggets or whatever. On a very agressive saving mode. Because I have my loan to pay off (for my degree course) and many more. So till I find a job, I must be on high alert for every single cent I spend. I'm not gonna used my savings. That's for my new flat thingy in 2 years time. So NO WAY! I know that the money if used can be saved back. But expect the unexpected! Get what I mean?

I'm a Survivor!

I am not trying to show anyone that I am so poor thingy or to gain pity. I just want to let anyone know that there is always a way out when you encounter such situation. So long as you have the determination or fighting spirit, good life ahead is waiting for you. I am fighting! Fighting real hard. Every single matter can be resolved. Think during this period, what are the plans that can be changed and workable. There are lots of things popping into my mind during this period. They can be your ideas. You won't know until you try/do it. Don't give up so easily! The torture is just for that moment and will be over real soon when you least expected. And lastly, you may have different views from me. I just said out how I feel right now. Hope for peeps of a neutral stand. Just a listening ear will do.