Culinary | Dessert Making

I was so inspired to do this simple yet healthy dessert. It is honeydew sago. One day, I was having lunch with my colleagues in a vegetarian restaurant at Park Mall. The last thing we had was honeydew sago. Basically it is just honeydew, sago and soya bean milk. Is that simple. In my mind, I was thinking why not just try it out at home as it won't take you an hour to complete such simple dessert. At least my family can have it instead of the norm of having fruits. Ok!!!! Vegan, vegetarian can have it. So everyone gets to try. No restrictions at all!!!!

So I went to buy what was needed.

Yup... Told my mum to buy honeydew. So is not capture in the pic above. And so, I'm ready.

What we really need to do is just to cut the honeydew into cubes, quantity is up to your preference. And then boiling of water for the sago to transform from white tiny round thingy to transparent roung thingy. I guess most of you should have it before in other desserts.
I suggest that you should only put the sago in when the water is boiled. It takes about 15mins or so to get it ready transparent. I even switch to high fire to get it going quicker. Get ready ice water for the sago to chill in. So that it will taste abit q q. Also for the soyabean milk, don't chill it. As once every thing is done, you will be chilling it to in your fridge. Save the hassle.

So here is the end product:
Nice! I love it. So after this trial, was thinking what other fruits than honeydew can I do it with?  Mango and Grassjelly pop in my mind!!!! So with the same procedure, I did my Mango Sago.

This time round, my mango is very ripe hence it tastes so sweet. Yummy. Instead of cubes, I slice it into mango strips... Well is that spelling correct for 'strips'???? Well done. I can be a dessert queen! But I still have not try out on Grassjelly sago. Shall do it one fine day. I will and I definitely share with all you peeps out there. Go try doing it.

If you have better ideas, drop me a mail. Share pointers here and there. I know is chicken feet. But who will have the time to waste on such things? Well for me, I want a F&B biz on my own and also be a good wifey in future. That's why I learn from now. Nothing wrong with that. So long I put in that effort. Wooohoooooooooo.... Happy Eating!