Eco-Friendly Giveaway!

Recently I went exploring on new ways to deco my room... But my piggy brain don't function as well as others but then I came across this thingy, hanging your Polaroid photo cards on a hemp twine with those mini woody clips. I find it quite nice. So I went GMarket to see if there is anyone selling. And yes there is but bits of expensive. Then I saw it at Kodak or Fuji Film shop and a pack consists of the hemp twine, mini frame and woody clips cost $5. I think back: I think it can be cheaper if I do it myself. So I went and bought the necessary materials like hemp twine and woody clips. Finali, I did the crappiest thing ever but I find it very eco-friendly:

Tada... I used the hanger which is meant for bra set and did the funniest, crappiest and stupidest thing ever. But I like it. Need some touchup or deco on the hanger itself to make it nicer. I am still thinking where else can I hang them or to tie the hemp twine at. Can anyone give me some suggestions on that?

The materials I bought cost me $4. Hee... And I can do lotsa of it. I am exploring ways to make the mini frames but that is not really important cos like what I did in the first photo, so long it looks nice when u clip it.

I find that the woody clips are strong enough to hold photo cards too. Wow... not just Polaroid photo cards!!!! Photo cards are light but not as light as Polaroid photo cards.

With that, is yet another giveaway from me!!! I have 2 mini packs of the following to give away:
A 30cm long of hemp twine and 5 mini woody clips. It is packed by myself.

I don't have those mini frames like what has been selling out there but my emphasis on this post is: Be Creative yet Eco-Friendly.  Look around your house. Find the most useful things which can be re-use to make mini frame. Then by using the above giveaway pack from me, snap a photo and send to me via email. The most creative and eco-friendly ones will be posted on my blog.

So to get this pack, drop me an email at with your name, address and subject title: 'Eco-Friendly Giveaway'.  Closing date is 24 July 2012, 12 noon.

The lucky ones being picked by me will be announced on my blog on 25 July 2012, 12 noon.

*I'm not the most creative and eco-friendly lady but I have tried by all means to be one.*