Scholl Compression Stocking (Not Advertorial)

Yup.... This is my personal review after using this stocking for months now... Simply love it and can't do without it. Well... Ladies, if you are wondering if it reali gonna slim your legs then you got the wrong concept.

Mayb when they advertise, there is a tagline saying 'Lighter, slimmer looking legs can now be yours'.  Right, I was first attracted to that because I have a big thighs and calves. After using it, what I have experience is that after a tired day at work with your heels on, it really did relieved my tired legs. When I took it out in the morning before going to bathe, my legs are much better. And it keeps your legs warm indeed, which basically everyone of us has to keep our legs warm especially our feet.

Further more, what it says in their advert: 'Tones your legs effortlessly, Relieves tired, aching legs and Reduce water retention and swelling'.  All these are really true. I mean it works on me in fact. So really depends on individual's condition.  I have recommended this thingy to my ladies and some of them bought and used it. Though some of their feedbacks is that it doesn't work on them, but some does a little.

It comes in 3 types: Sheer Nude Stockings for Day (which you can wear to work too), Full-waisted sleeping leggings for night and Mid-thigh sleeping stockings for night.  I bought a mid-thigh type and is comfy enough for me.

If you are asking me how to go about washing, please use hand wash and not machine wash. Wash it gently and the tightness remains. Thats what I did and this stocking is gonna b with me for long.

You can get it from Watsons. Recently there is a promotion.  Instead of $46.90, a discount at $41.90.  Which is the price I bought in Jan 2012.  No regrets for me till now. So ladies, if you have tired, aching legs after much walking in the day, you may want to invest in this stockings. But please remember, buy the right size for yourself.  Because I did read up in forums that negative feedbacks like the stockings roll down itself during their sleep.  I believe that is because they never buy the right size or never wear it properly.  Do follow the instruction on the packaging.

Happy Stocking!