I will definitely prove that there are also tougher women out there like myself!

I am borned in the 80s. I live in rented room when I was borned. Stay with my grandparents in a 3 rooms flat in Tiong Bahru when I'm older, sleeping on the floor with only one fan in the small room with capacity of 4 pax. And some times never on the fan too.  So from young even till now, I survived with a fan even on the hot season. But I did not complain but enjoy it.  Toys are limited, no Barbies that sort during that time because my parents could not afford it!!  Get cane by my father for my mischief from young till my secondary days. I failed my exam in Sec 2 and was demoted from Express to Normal.  But I strive hard to get a good grades in my GCE N Level!!!! My parents never let me go for tuitions or sort. Either depend on my mum to teach or on myself.  Better will be tuition by our school teachers who spend their time after school to teach us. My parents are not those English educated person and we are not rich family!  My dad is the only bread winner in our family with that bits of salary to pay for everything.  He has to support everyone of us. He even bring food from home to work and also comes back for dinner every single day and that goes on even up till now.  He can't bear to spend money out there to eat when he knows our family needs it. Even buying of insurance for me and my bro never come across their mind because they can't afford to buy when financial is constrained.  Getting money from them when going out with friends is so difficult. Because they are training me to be independent and to work legally for money. So I started my part-time in 7-11 when I was 16. Learnt that I have to work hard for the money. And subsequently, their education on me works.  I failed my O level, then headed to ITE for 3 years, then 4 years in Polytechnic and finally I am studying for my degree now. I study and work at the same time all these freaking years. I used my hard earned money to pay for my sch fees and never let my parents worry. I have to tolerate the nonsense and stress at work. Saving up every single cents to get marry and for my new flat in 2 years time. I am thrifty person who has lots of goals but have to fullfill one by one. Some cannot be done.

I'm not saying till the extent I am that good. I do indulge in some women's stuff, handbags etc. But I have the right to do so because I earn my money and not from my parents!!!! And I even gave my parents money every month. I don't drive cos I don't have a bloody licence and money to buy a car or even learn. It is a want and not a need. I squeeze in crowded trains everyday to work. Sweating all over and smell those odours from some commuters when there is no ventilation.

Am I that kind of rich, pampered, spoilt girls whom they describe in that thread?  I am totally NOT!  And I am totally DIFFERENT from those.  I seriously demand an apology for all their comments!  Merely compare and THIS IS MY BLOODY PERSONAL OPINION BECAUSE I LISTEN FROM MY BRO, MY DAD, MY BOYFRIEND and etc! My bro is of the younger generation, serving the country in the 2000s.  We understand his stress and tiredness and as family, we are worried about him too when he is outfield. Because he fell before and hit the back of head. My mum is so damn worried that time. His temper that time is also not good. But he is well today. How can all these people say we don't understand or never feel it before? We have males at home. How do we don't feel for them?  Just because we never serve the countries before?

I believe there are females out there who have gone through the same as me which makes us a better person.  I salute to all these ladies. So how can all these stupid comments degrade those who are not?  There are still better and tougher females out there too!

Is it wrong of me to reminisce the old times which I haved been told, even I never get to experience it?  THIS IS MY BLOODY OPINION.  If cannot accept then don't READ IT! Why can't I have my own opinion when others can? Tell me about it. And bloody saying that females can't cook or even make a sandwich or mistakenly put wasabi instead of peanutbutter, just comfort women during war times, get paid for that kind of 'service' and etc. Hey what is this? That doesn't represent the majority of females. Only that minority of them that caused the whole population to be insulted. THAT'S BLOODY UNFAIR AND I AM NOT ACCEPTING THIS!

I am lucky enough that my female friends and colleagues that I know are like me! Tough, discipline, and not just what those idiotic comments that has insulted females!

For your info, we don't have family car. We take public transport. My bf drives his company lorry and doesn't have his own car. I take bumpy jerky rides on his lorry. And I haven't belittle or mind since 4 years ago when we just started. Tell me, how many females out there dun mind taking bumpy jerky rides like me?  I will salute u and big applause for that. Is this shameful to u? For me, NOPE! If I am, I won't be with him till now and planning to get marry in 2 years time.

We humans are not perfect. I am born with this kind of face, ugly or not, you have to accept. I am not those skinny slim gals out there. I am just an ordinary woman in my 30s. Fat, ugly, don't like putting on make up even with bad complexion. So what? I still got appreciated by my bf and my family and friends. I am born this way! Are you able to change what God give u? Answer is NO!!!

I like to run and I like the sweat on me after a run. Though I'm a slow and lousy runner, I still run to stay fit, healthy and slim, towards my ideal weight is still far off. I run a 2km-10km and going to strive hard in participating a 12km soon. Though I'm not fantastic like other female runners or even male runners, but I run at my own pace and satisfying time of completion. I am serious in running, even in swimming and gyming.  I trained myself in my way like gym-swim-run in a day.  I am not that kind of pampered DA XIAO JIEs who scare of hot weather and sweat.

I don't cook well but a decent meal, I still can. In that FB thread, some even said this:

'Make sandwiches? If i remember correctly, most sg girls cant even make their own food; they get their maids to do so or buy their own.'

'yeah, later they mistake wasabi for kaya then u know. LOL.'

Hey! Look at this!

A simple breakfast prepared by myself early in the morning. I never put any tomato or chilli sauce cos I am towards healthy eating when I prep myself. I don't need to 'MISTAKE WASABI FOR KAYA'. Cos I DON'T NEED THOSE!

I prepared this egg mayo for SANDWICHES! Simple right? I can do it, so are those who likes cooking. I DON'T HAVE A MAID so is prepared by myself.

Homemade salad. I put in all my effort for healthy eating at home.

Muah chee. Did it using my Happy Call Pan. Though is the first time doing it, but is edible though plain taste. At least I am able to do it till extent.

I still have more but what's the point of posting it? People will say I'm boastful. But I'm am able to cook and that's a definite YES AND A FACT!  Get it straight and clear in your mind!!!!!

Seeing the generation now, I shall give up the idea of having kids in future!!!! 

And for God sake, I never disagree to some of the insulting comments because some are true but it is getting too PERSONAL and also DISCRIMINATION!!!!!!

Luckily there is The Women's Charter, Section 353. 

Go and read up The Temasek Review in FB about 'Singapore girls at Flowerpod forum attack NSmen: You are balless wuss pussy, idiots and mommy boys!'