My 31st Birthday

Oh well... I am one year older. But I'm enjoying it. Spend my Friday night with my guy for a dinner at Sentosa. First eva crab dinner with him at Singapore Seafood Republic. Luckily we manage to get a table inside the restaurant. Singapore's weather is turning humid again. Imagine eating while sweating. No way! And so we enjoy our dinner in that air-conditioning restaurant... Enjoy that once a year occasion with my loved one.
Really love Instagram! Taken all my pics with it. Woohoo....
Deep Fried Scallop Wrapped in Yam Ring and Homemade Toufu with broccoli and lotsa mushrooms... Yummy... I love that toufu... Soft and silky. The braised taste is just so right.
Our meal. Main dish is Chilli Crab. His fav. His verdict for this chilli crab is: better taste than those at Old Punggol Seafood weeks back. Of cos... u pay for the price. $54/kg as compared with $47/kg at Old Punggol Seafood. Well what do you think?
Close up on this wonderful chilli crab. Finger licking good! He is enjoying more than me, though I enjoy myself too.
Oops... all is gone. Dipping that fried 馒头. Taste so good. Too bad! I'm full already!
Good stuff has to come to an end. Yup! In that bib.
Cheers on my birthday with my fav Erdinger! Happy 31st!
My mum bought a cake and waited for me to get home... Thank you Mummy!!!!! Plus....
Red packet from her... Hee... That's my mum's best wishes to me on my birthday.... And so that's all for the day. I kept real quiet on my birthday. No one in my office knows. *Clap clap* And also in my FB profile, I set to invisible. Whoever remembers, they will either Watsapp me or post on my FB profile, which again is invisible to all on My Wall. I don't like seeing so many wishes on My Wall... What's so great about that? Only those who really remember will use their ways to wish you and not using that FB birthday reminder or whatsoever to inform about your birthday to others... Well... I am like that. Woohoo....