Wat a Week!!!

Damn angry last week...!! For 2 days, e same person provoke mi!! Tat BITCH!! I hate ppl who r in e wrong, shift e blame to mi! So wat u r frm our parent company??? Wat's e big deal!! Kaoz... Hope she retire soon. BITCH!!! A small fly as if she Senior Mgt!!! Damn it...
Last wk, I started my sch term... Yeah year 3 liao... Haha count dw liao lor... Cant wait to complete tis diploma. I wish to start my degree course. haiz... Bt first, mus start savin my course fee... Hee... RMIT here I come... Wahaha Gt projects to do le wor. Sian hor... no choice!!! Mus bear wit it.. Mus make it to e end!!!
Talkin abt projects, my Jap class oso gt lor..!!! A small one usin Hiragana or Katagana to write out a introduction. Mi e lousy one in class... Nv memorise e e script lor. Then suppose I talk de, bt my teacher say out for mi... Haha.. Paiseh ma.. Scare speak wrongly... Arrgghh... Nvm.. Stil in e process of learnin my stage 2..
Anyway, tis wk is my BIRTHDAY week lei... Haha... Bt damn it..!! 26yrs old liao. No bf lei... Hope to get one.. Other things I al hv ar... Career, $$$, studies, my family, my friends bt no more my past...
My past is one of the worst in my life. I hv erase everythin out of my mind le. My 3 yrs curse is over... Wat's comin up next, I duno bt I jus wan to b hapi n BE MYSELF!
Yeah... goin Taiwan in Aug! Wit my gal pal.. Hope to c more things after my Mar China trip.