SO ANGRY!!! I PMS liao stil come ask me stupid questions!!!! Y like tat?????

I'm talkin abt my workplace!!! Always change new ppl. Nw e whole of Finance is newbies even e Finance Mgr oso... Kaoz... Get a asst come ask mi al the contracts thingy which he can ask e one n onli OLD BIRD who came bk to work in our Company again lor... Kaoz... Damn it... They canot find e record one meh??? They dun hv meh...??? WHole of Finance is SUCKS to the CORE!!!!

I already send a copy of my Project status to the Officer jus yesterday and nw come ask mi al tis questions.... Wonder if the Officer gt gave e Accountant a copy... They no update de meh??? Nw then bill ppl.. Ppl tink my guys at site are doin for free lor... WTF!!!!

BAD MOOD liao stil ask all tis questions... Tat Accounts Asst reali a pest!!! Is either he giv mi bk wrong service order or ask wrong things frm mi lor... I know my Division has e most service orders bt dun presume tat is al mine CAN ANOT??? I stil hv Security, Environmental n Project division issuing service order too lor... He duno blind or wat lor!!!! I always emphasize tat I am frm ENGINEERING DIVISION!!!! Get it?

I had enuff... Nt jus tis matter lor... Start of 2007, my monthly meeting always cant go on smoothly... In a way which I hv areadi book e whole yr of the Conference room for my meeting liao yet always last min change venue bcos of tis n tat nit e Conference room. Kaoz... Always I mus giv in to them n nobody giv in to mi... Ya la... I e onli Admin for Engineering Div so everyone like to bully mi rite??? Frm nw on, I reali mus b a bad one rather than a good one. Cos it nv pays to b good. Tml is my meeting again n I hv to change venue. To a small meeting room. My exec say mayb can change date bt I insist nt to change. Y mus I accomodate those ass holes out there n nobody accomodate me??? I wont giv in to Office ppl except for my own division. Die die tis meetin mus go on... Squeezy then jus squeeze lor.

Then hor, another more angry thingy is doin recept duties... Ya tis mayb part of my job scope bt they always first person wil come to mi lor when e recept gal is nt ard. Then once or twice is ok. Always then nt ok le lor... Always first person bein approach for tat lobang wil b mi n no one else unless I on leave... Damn it!!! I actually hate it so much. I nt presentable to b at recept ma.. Then keep lookin for mi to do e job. V sian la...

I wan some peace. Pls, al tis pests in e Company stop lookin for mi on small little matters!!!!!!!!!!!!