Local Travel | Walking through Armenian Street

The last time I'm at this area will probably be the visit to Singapore Philatelic Museum for Harry Potter's exhibition. Read here if you haven't. Or even earlier than that will be my bro's ROM and mine. But if it hasn't been because I got my job here at Armenian Street, I won't have come here for no reason. But now I have every good reason to explore the place while I can before my contract ends. Document down the every sights here and share with you peeps. 

This is my everyday street view as I walk to my workplace from City Hall station. I would say this is an area where you get to see lots of heritage building. They look so sturdy and nice. Especially The Capitol building. It was torn down and rebuilt at the same location where it now stood. And also this is where Singapore Management University or SMU is located too. Unlike other local universities, SMU is in the heart of the city and you see the young and vibrant of this area. 


My workplace is just opposite the museum and since I have not been inside before, why not do so during lunch time? After all, is free (for me because I'm local). This museum used to be a school called Tao Nan. Lots for you to know and you can just google them. But I'm just gonna touch and go because it wasn't as fantastic as the one in Penang. Though over at the museum in Penang, I have to pay for the entry fee but is worthy and really a WOW-factor. You can read my post here if you haven't.

For the Wedding

The Kitchen


The first thing that attracts you is the mural graffiti or mural arts on one side of the building. So hipster! Like one of the graffiti says, it is like a post-museum thingy to view or take photos before you leave. And you will see lots of museum stickers on the lamp posts at the alley between Peranakan Museum and The Substation. 

On the other side of Peranakan Museum is an open carpark. And you can spot mural arts on the low walls too. Pretty prominent if you drive past right after Bible House. There is a story-telling sequence in this stretch of mural arts. About Singapore of course.

Hope you enjoy the mural arts walk-through above and shall end this post with a snapshot from my workplace where we get to see a faint sight of rainbow early in the morning near to Registry of Marriage (ROM).