Travelogue | South Taiwan for SGD 800 - Kenting and Hengchun

So let me continue my 5 days 4 nights in Southern Taiwan, Part 2. And where are we heading? Kenting 墾丁. But before we go for a long drive to Kenting, filling up our tummy with a good breakfast is definitely a must thing. And so 小李 brought us to 台北湖來來豆醬 (Taipei Neihu Lailai Soy Milk).

Made the right choice for scallion pancakes and pan-fried gyoza. Crispy and juicy gyoza. Flaky skin of the scallion pancakes which gives you the scallion taste with every bite. Not too overwhelming. And not forgetting a warm cup of soy milk for a perk-me-up. No need to be coffee af. Now, we are ready to go.

First stop, 风吹沙 Fong Chui Sha. But how they come about with the name?

According to the Kenting National Park's saying, because the rain washed the sand into the sea during summer time (that's strange) and then in winter time, the strong northeast monsoon wind blows the sand from the coastline to the cliff top. And so it forms some unique landscapes like sand cascades, sand rivers and even sand dunes. Wow... impressive. One thing is for sure, the wind blowing from the sea was really strong and I couldn't stand in proper to take proper videos. Luckily for some photos to show you peeps. Definitely love the scene before me. Peaceful.

Next stop, we move on to 鹅銮鼻灯塔 Eluanbi Lighthouse. So sunny yet windy here. 

And we move on to 船帆石 Sail Rock. We have also reached Kenting where you can find so many guesthouses or homestay a.k.a 民宿. So pretty the whole stretch of Kenting street. But first, let us see Sail Rock. Tell me what you can tell from the rock. I for sure see it as a head with a sharp nose instantly. Do you agree with me?

Then my husband asked if there is any shooting range here and so here we are at 墾丁休閒飛靶射擊場 Kenting Shooting Range. Fulfilled his wish for a good shoot. Live shooting okay? A photo of him after the shoot. Pose for a photo. Got video but never mind.

Credit: Tour Taiwan Hong Lee

And by the time we reached here, about noon time. 小李 drove us to Hengchun 恆春 for lunch. And the place we had lunch is a small shop and only the boss cum cook is around. Skeptical about the food there but then, we have think too much. The shop is known for its crispy duck. So we ordered a half duck to try along with our braised noodles and fried rice. I vouch for the crispy duck! Crisp and savoury.

Satisfied the hunger, now we move on to the next stop and that is 出火特別景觀區 Natural Fire. You can't see the fire from the ground with your naked eyes. You really need to open your eyes wide. Even for us, needed a certain angle in order to spot it. Instead take a look around you. That deep blue sky and greenery. Though a little too hot but nice view.

The last of the few touristy place will be 貓鼻頭公園 Maobitou. Entrance fee required. Can't remember how much. The first photo is 貓岩 Cat Rock. It was said that a coral reef rock rolled down into the ocean which makes it looked like a cat lying on its stomach. Again, for you to tell. I would say that up here, beautiful scenery. Looks like my Day 2 is mostly near the sea. And is super windy cum sunny nevertheless.

Then after this destination, we went on random places which I can't remember anymore but one place will be 白沙湾海滩. So just follow on and let my photos do the talk.

A place where it looks like a jetty. 小李 really know places out of the norm. Lots of coral reef and I picked a seashell back to Singapore. Oops...

Last stop before dinner, fish port to see the sun set. So beautiful. According to 小李, when typhoon hits the last time, the sea level can go all the way up to the houses. *sweat*

After sunset watching, dinner time before heading back to Kaohsiung. 小李 brought us to a eating place where it is known for pig trotters. OMG. The four of us couldn't finished and got 小李 to takeaway for his supper. Haha... I ordered noodles for myself and it was so good. A nice bowl of noodles really don't need too much of ingredients to make it nice. Simplicity is winner.

If I manage to dig out the namecard of this place, will update here again.

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To be continued....