Local Travel | Harry Potter Mini Exhibition at Philatelic Museum

The 'Fantastic Beast and Where to find them' movie is on cinema 17 Nov 2016 so I went to watch with my husband on the 2nd day. And right after that, we headed to Philatelic Museum for more of wizarding world experience. Lots of stamps from countries like UK, Australia, Taiwan and so on. Also replicas of the wands, letters, figurines and more. A few photo taking spots like platform 9 3/4, a cabin of Hogwarts Express and also the flying brown during the Quidditch. Lego figurines of Diagon Alley. Shall not reveal more. Please go and visit the museum. Free entry for Singaporeans and PRs.

Harry received the acceptance letter from Hogwarts at the age of 11. And that is how he came to know about his parents who are wizards. Soon his journey in this magical world begins.

The wands belonging to villains like Bellatrix and Voldemort, not forgetting that invincible Elder Wand. All these replicas belong to some local collectors. How nice to have one too! 

Welcome to Gryffindor! The robe that the students wore at Hogwarts. Differentiate them through the house badges.

Now I know why Harry can talk to snakes. He somehow should be in Slytherin but he choose not to during the sorting hat ceremony. 

Send me to Hogwarts for a magical adventure please! So cute to have this platform for photo taking. No need to fly to Osaka, London or Orlando for better ones, though I wish I can, one fine day.

Oh... here is Dobby. A house elf that serves the Malfoy. Was killed during an escape with Harry Potter and the rest. They buried Dobby thereafter.

I bought the stamps for collection before I go off. Those were launched in Taiwan. Awesome. Get them at SGD 28 for 4 different designs at the souvenir shop at Level 1. The exhibition is at Level 2.

From now till 30 June 2017 at Singapore Philatelic Museum. Enjoy!