Food Review | Waa Cow!

Previously at Shaw Foundation Alumni House (NUS) and now they finally settled at University Town. Never get the chance to try while they were at the old address because only came to know about them in April this year when we have event there. Heard from my colleagues on their raving rice bowls, priced a little on the high side (though we can get staff discount) but probably what makes Waa Cow! worthy the penny. Making every rice bowls taste so fusion and not simply like any Japanese Don you can get outside. And the quality of their ingredients definitely a plus point.


A bed of fresh tuna and salmon cubes, how to resist that freshness coming from every bite? Plus it is so visual pleasing with the uniform cut of tuna and salmon cubes. Enough say. Try it!


This is a simple and no-frill rice bowl at Waa Cow is definitely worth the calories and that is not all. We get a good amount of protein intake from beef and egg. The beef is soft and chewy. Plus, you may not see it here but what lies beneath the beef is a soft boiled sunny side-up. The yolk is so runny that you simply just mix it with the rice and enjoy every mouthful of goodness. Oh almost forgot. The roe too contains its nutritional value like Omega-3. 


Although I would prefer to have the tuna in slices rather than minced, but definitely no complaints. It just melts in your mouth, faster than you expect. And I love how the roe go bursting in my mouth. Naise. 


The first bite on their chicken tenderloin makes me think of chicken satay! Say what??? Yes. That is what pops into my mind in the instance. Tender and chewy. And I love how corns have play a part in giving the rice bowl a taste of Spicy, Salty and Sweet in a mild tone. Not forgetting the runny Onsen egg.


Top up another $3 for a set menu, you will get a Chawanmushi and a drink of your choice, just like what you see above. I think you will end up pretty full, like what my colleague has experienced. But who cares? Tummy satisfied is much more important. Look at that thin slices of salmon belly sashimi? That is the highlight of this bowl. 

One thing that I find is very common in most of the rice bowls is Ikura or Roe, and Japanese cucumbers cut in cubes (especially in tuna or salmon bowls) which adds colour and crunchiness to the food respectively. And I love their rice being smooth with a little sweetness. Enjoy, like I do. 

Waa Cow
2 College Ave West
#01-06, Stephen Riady Centre
University Town, NUS
Singapore 138607
Nearest MRT: Kent Ridge (Circle Line)
Direction: Take D2 to University Town.