Food Review | Salads @ Kent Ridge

So you must have wonder why Kent Ridge? Or for some who may already know, that's where I work. I previously wrote about the canteen food in NUS and food outlets at NUH Medical Centre. So to maintain the readership of this blog, I should start writing on something new. Or probably narrow down to specifically item by item.

Salad. Why salad? Because I'm on diet. Not really a strict diet but if I don't wanna have heavy lunch, salad will be my choice. At least for now. If not, it will be Prima Deli's waffles. Or probably you will see me hanging out at my favourite spot Starbucks for my Signature Hot Chocolate. As I usually have heavy breakfast at canteen, I try not to be a glutton unless I have lunch appointment with colleagues. 

For those who are coming to Singapore for student exchange (esp to NUS, Science or Medicine faculty), read this post of mine now!

SGD5 and below

Dilys Creation
MD6 School of Medicine, NUS
From $4.50 onwards

I know of them operating take-away kiosks around NUS campus. And recently, they took over a unit to operate a cafeteria selling confectionery, economical rice and a mini salad bar. They have a seating capacity of 64 and if you can't find any seats indoors, try outdoors then.

Although the salad bar has limited varieties of topping but it is just enough to qualify a colourful salad bowl. The greens (spinach) + 3/4/5 toppings + sauce cost you from $4.50 onwards. Freshness. A bowl of salad is perfect when all the ingredients are fresh. Heard that the popular sauce there was Honey Mustard. And I certainly agree to that. Because I will have that for my Subway sandwich too.

Umi Sushi - CLOSED
#01-18, NUH Medical Centre
From $4 onwards

You probably have known of their existence in my previous post. So no need further elaboration. Sushi is not just the only option but pre-packed salads too. At $4.80, it has what it takes to be a perfect pack of salad. I like the idea of putting Japanese ingredients like Japanese cucumbers, kani (Japanese crabsticks) and sesame sauce to go along. Do look out for the few varieties they have and is priced differently. I don't really care what they are named but I care more of what it has inside. The only common in them is that there will sure be 1 or 2 Japanese ingredients.

Maybe I should really try making them at home. It feels so healthy to me. Ideal for anyone on the go or on diet. And if you are not in a rush, sit down and enjoy the food at their dine-in area (provided it is not crowded).

Salad Bar
Science Canteen, Stall 12
From $3.50 onwards

It is not just a salad bar as it is called but a stall that sells Western food too. Surprisingly with that name, the variety of salad in their stall is limited to 2 special types mainly Mango Chicken Salad and Chef's Salad. Despite the long queue, I went for their Mango salad and was a right choice for me. I love those chicken chunks as it adds flavours to a dull bowl of greens taste. Although the mangoes are not the sweetest, their sauce sweet can already. I think is honey mustard. Lousy food blogger don't I? Whatever. Also I do feel that the bread crumbs can don't need to be so hard. Had a hard time just biting it. 

SGD5 above

Platypus Food Bar @ NUS
Faculty of Science, Block S16 Level 1
From $5.50 onwards

Finally the business here is much more better than the previous 2 owners and yes... I am quite sure that salad business is workable here. I don't know why but by the looks of it, it can sustain quite awhile. Not that all the undergraduates here are very into eating green (or eat clean), nor do they wanna look for superb hipster cafes in the campus, but I definitely feel that they succeeded in their branding here in the campus. The appeal that it gives out to its customers (mostly students and staff, sometimes outsiders) is indescribable. 

Anyway, they sell beverages and yummy cakes (from the looks of it) too. At $5.50 for a small bowl, this is what you get (refer to the photo below) and up to a large bowl. I will advise you to get a small bowl for a start to see if you can finish that portion before opt for medium or large. You will be given the basic greens and sauce for a start (plus a scoop of pasta and mixed corns) and 2 toppings. Wow... I think the topping changes daily. So do look out for it.

MD11 School of Medicine, NUS or
1 Lower Kent Ridge Road, One@KentRidge, #03-12
At $8.90 each

Well... you know what it is called. This alone costs $8.90. Ya I know is quite common or standard pricing if you wanna have it at cafes. And to be frank, I have a thing for pasta, especially linguine. But this angel hair is good as well because it is thinner than spaghetti. But might consume more than you have spaghetti because of that, in my opinion.

It has french beans, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, pearl onions, black pitted olives, tobiko, mentaiko and sakura shrimps. The capellini (angel hair) has been infused by a good mix of olive oil, sea salt, truffle cream, finishing off with spring onion and coriander. Even before you open up your pasta salad completely, that light truffle smell is coming your way. It makes me miss truffle fries. You can see the sakura shrimps on top of the pasta and by the way, the shrimps are kind of on the salty side in my opinions. With tobiko mixed in the pasta, it definitely tasty mini 'explosion' with every bite. How nice!

You can pop by any Starbucks stores or through their website to check on its variety of salads. I'm sure you can find one that you wanna try, if you are a salad lover. They have fruit cups too, if you wanna add on some more nutrition into your diet.

Coffee Bean 
5 Lower Kent Ridge Road, Level 1, Main Building (Lobby B)
From $7.90 onwards

So I mean it is kind of dull if we were to just stick to greens and more greens. Some have fruits in it though. But then of course, you can choose to have wraps accompany with greens.

So at Coffee Bean, I chose this Egg Mayo Wraps that comes with small portion of salad. Have your wraps toasted because it is better served warm or hot, or whatever. Oh ya... and I feel like I'm having roti prata wraps. Nice. Very fresh and tasty for the egg mayo. They have Tuna wraps too. As for the salad, no further elaboration but I love the little sweetness from the berry raisins.

If you are a plain Jane, go for their salad selection that is priced from $7.90 onwards.

Seasonal @ Kent Ridge - CLOSED
1 Lower Kent Ridge Road, One@KentRidge, #04-18/19/20
From $17.90++ onwards

At the promotion price of $15.95 (UP: $17.90), enjoy their salad bar meal with free flow of soft drinks. If you don't wanna have a heavy meal, this is the best choice. There are soups, cooked food, fruits, ice cream and you can DIY your own salad plate with their varieties of salad items. Well... this is enough for your lunch. A buffet styled salad bar. I like.

If that is not satisfying enough, you can complete your meal with their selected main courses for just $5 top-up! And here we choose Grilled Pacific White Fish with fries. I love their fries and I don't know why.  

Promotion while stock last.

The Salad Crunch
1 Lower Kent Ridge Road, One@KentRidge, #01-15
From $5.50 onwards

Salad Crunch is a take-away counter that suits working bees who are on the go. Choose either lettuce or spinach, then pick 5 sides from their range and choose your dressing.

Lettuce + 5 sides + dressing = $5.50
Spinach + 5 sides + dressing = $6.50

I chose their Japanese Sesame sauce and loving it. It makes everything sweet even green apples.

Burger King
1 Lower Kent Ridge Road, #03-11 One@Kent Ridge
At $7.95 (comes with a drink)

Well... this is just another Chicken Salad set. BK serves the grilled chicken while the one I had at Salad Bar (SCI canteen) is fried. I enjoy both, so long as it is not just plain greens without any sauces and all. Something similar to McDonald's but the meat portion at Mac seems bigger.

I have finally completed this post. I took months to compile just so little salad places. Pardon me. Because sometimes, I really not into salad. It all depends on mood and that is bad as I will either eat a lot or less or even nothing in proper. And salads are probably the last thing that I would ever go for, unless I feel like dieting that day. Not much effort but then hope you don't find it boring. Nothing special, just that that is the area I work and hang around most of the time during lunch. So sharing is caring. For those who don't work at this area or nearby. Thank you. BYE BYE!