Food Review | Yoogane - Singapore

I finally dragged two ladies to go Yoogane with me. Since we are meeting up and the only suggestion they give was no steamboat, then I have all the luxuries to choose. And I will choose the ones I have never tried before so I get to blog it. One stone kill two birds. Always find such opportunities yo...

Why Yoogane? Because I can't resist the yummy ramen that is stirred with the sauces in that big pot of Chicken Galbi. I drooled over those photos on Instagram. I should stop looking for hashtags to make myself longing, craving for those yummy food. Woes of a food blogger.

Like Japanese restaurants, you get greeted in Korean when heading to our seat. Then they serve up your drinks and that big wok in front of you. Lots of seafood, veggie, kimchi, dokboki, chicken meat and of course, last to add will be my ramen.

For a start, their staff will cook for customers at every table. Adding the ingredient one after another till it is ready to serve.

Here you have it. The complete wok of Seafood and Chicken Galbi from Yoogane. Nom nom... You will know what I go for first. Ramen. Yes yes... I think I'm sure gonna get scolded by my girlfriends because I have no valid reason in choosing Seafood and Chicken Galbi when I don't even have much of the seafood and mainly target the meat, dokboki and ramen. Hahaha... of course I had the prawns in the end. All the ingredients are quite fresh so no worries. My ramen is so succulent. Yum yum... the spicy sauce is awesome.

My girlfriend ordered a Korean style Seafood Pancake. Honest speaking, I don't really like this type of pancake. It tastes floury, although it is packed with the ingredients. But it doesn't shield off the floury taste. No dipping sauce which I seldom do. My principle: have your food on its very own. Sauces are just enhancement in taste.

How not to go with beer when having Korean cuisine? Eat like a Korean. Although we had beers and not their Soju, but is all the same. I read that Korea has the 2nd highest rate in alcoholism. Like the Japanese too, in my opinion. So here is Cass beer. The small drinking cup is interesting. It indicates till which level should you pour your beer to and obviously it is not to the brim. 3/4 of the cup. Nah...

I have satisfied myself at Yoogane. Have you? If not, what are you waiting for? Go on and share the fats with your clique now.

Yoogane Singapore
3 Gateway Drive
#03-08 Westgate
Singapore 608532
Nearest MRT: Jurong East (EW Line)