Food Review | The Royals Bistro - Singapore [Halal-Certified]

Oh hi from the Northern part of Singapore. Strange enough to be writing at wee hours on food especially. Hope it doesn't make you or myself hungry. But for sure, I will just sleep past the hunger after this post. Not gonna be defeated by the hunger pang! No definitely.

Here I am at The Royals Bistro for lunch on a sunny Friday afternoon. Yes, not just me but with my colleagues. Being able to hop around the campus to find FOOD, definitely feels great despite the heat! And of course... before that, I have let this food outlet passed me for not once, not twice but many times when I'm at University Town. Thankful that my colleagues initiated to try out the menu at The Royals Bistro. If not, I'm gonna miss you, yet again.

So what's with that big wooden peck numbered 24? That is our number tag for our food. Quite interesting though. Given to you after ordering and payment at the cashier. NETS payment is available so worry not if you come cashless. Oh... and yes to my Muslims readers! This is a halal-certified bistro. Another option to satisfy your craving for Western and Italian food.

Beef Brisket Panini $10.50

Preferred grilled sandwich over toasted ones because you want the texture to strike a balance between crispy and soft. This one is definitely crispy with the sound as my colleague slice a small piece out. You can also just grab and eat with your bare hands. The beef oozing out as you do so either way. If you like cheesy stuff, this will not disappoint you. The portion is enough to fill you up for lunch. Balance it with their salad, feel less guilt especially for weight watcher. And if you are a light eater, follow my colleague's good habit. Instead of wasting it, takeaway the balance. Lightly toast it again when you wanna eat later on, as suggested by her. I believe it will not lose its crisp by doing so.

Pan-Fried Salmon $13.90

I love pan-fried food. Because it is not oily and will not lose its flavour and moist easily. Instead it brings out the real taste. I don't really like to dip on sauces and always prefer on its own. If ever I were to do so, that particular food must be tasteless or yucky enough to resort on that for enhancement. 

Because I rarely have mashed potato, I learnt that to differentiate between a premix and real goodness from potato, judge from the smoothness. Smooth, most probably will be premix. A little rough, that is the good one. 

Prawn Mushroom Linguine $11.90

You know how much I love aglio olio and how I would prefer it than spaghetti bolognese. If you have read my past post on how I went crazy trying to create different flavours of aglio olio at home, you will know how much I'm in love with this Italian dish. Read the post here.

So this one definitely win my heart over. I tried the mushroom and loving it. They sauteed the mushroom with seasoning that is not too heavy and managed to retain the juiciness. Quite flavourful I must say with the garlic and chilli flakes. Linguine is al dente. Elsewhere I tried, their texture differ. Either to dry or not properly cooked. And yes... fresh prawns.  

Thirst Quenchers

Either you go with a soup or a drink. You choose. Top up $2 for a iced lemon tea or $5 for a soup of the day and drink. And that is my option. Or you can choose from their list of drinks, hot or cold or freezing. If you are thrifty enough, just grab a bottle of their iced water for free. And they can top up the bottle for you. Nice.

Credit: The Royals Bistro
When I first saw the bistro, I find it so familiar. Really. Even before my colleagues mentioned, I wonder where I come across. With some enlightenment, yes! Confectionery. I came across their takeaway counter at malls (I think Wisma Atria). Can't remember where exactly. But it doesn't matter.

Because in the bistro, they sell a variety of cakes. I saw Red Velvet, Carrot Cake, Rainbow Cake and more. I wish I have a big appetite to contain each slice of everything without growing fat. Or should I just drag someone along to share the fats? Hahaha... I will come back to you again!

So what are you waiting for? Hop down now to The Royals Bistro.

The Royals Bistro
NUS University Town
1 Create Way, CREATE Tower
#01-03, Singapore 138602
Nearest MRT: Kent Ridge (Circle Line)
Direction: Take Bus D2 from outside Kent Ridge MRT
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