Food Review | Eighteen Chefs - Singapore

Okay... I'm late again on trying those raving food outlets. It is better to be late than never right? Yes... I keep instilling this principle in my brain. Since I'm meeting up my bestie at AMK, why not try out Eighteen Chefs? Always find the opportunity to do my job as a food blogger in order to maintain my readership. Well... I hope I did it. I hope.

You must have already heard about the big man behind Eighteen Chefs, and that is Mr Benny Se Teo. A former drug addict turned restaurant owner. He hires ex-offenders and youth-at-risk so that they have an opportunity to integrate back into the society. Good karma comes to you Mr Benny Se Teo. So at Eighteen Chefs, they serve a variety of western cuisine and the well-known one will be their cheese baked rice. But then again, I'm not too much into cheese that day so no, thank you. Wahahaha...

Instead, both my bestie and I ordered pasta and a platter. Platter is always the key to sharing fats with your friends, provided you don't be the glutton to have like 70% of the platter. Defeat the purpose right?. And you can have each of everything in platter. I love it and is cost-effective. 

Salted Egg Yolk Snack Platter $15.80

In the platter are all my favourite (I'm a fried food person). Calamari and onion rings, pop-corn chicken and chicken chunks, and fish nuggets. So sinful yet my love. But apparently, their dip tastes more like cheese than salted egg yolk. Never mind that. I usually don't dip my food in sauces and instead had them on its own.

Side track. I realize that salted egg dishes are trending at the moment. I saw lots of goodies others made like salted egg croissants, salted egg pineapple tarts? Wow... trending. So best one.

Salted Egg Prawn Pasta $13.80

You see. I told you right? Salted Egg again. The taste was so-so according to my bestie. But very innovative. Nice try! I can imagine the sandy taste in your mouth. Really. Because that means they made that salted egg sauce/dip from scratch. Not those premix right? That differs the taste completely.

Tom Yum Seafood Fusilli $13.80

Yes... spicy. This is spicy. I love it though mediocre taste. I feel light having fusilli than spaghetti. Well... I still love spaghetti (esp linguine). The seafood (prawns, squids, mussels) are quite fresh. Makes me wanna do it at home too. Woot... v simple. Shall create my own version one day. Rem my tom yum udon right? An inspired dish.

And to end your meal with a dessert seems like amust for some. But not for me though. But because I'm deciding between a soup or a drink. So end up the latter w an ice cream! I still cannot agree to having a drink and soup combo to make your stomach filled and left w not much space for main course. Esp for me because though I'm fleshy but w a medium stomach space.

Anyway, top up $3.30 for a Combo A to get a drink and ice cream. Nice. There are other combos for their soup of the day and garlic bread. Nah... Up to you to choose from A to C. See from their menu when you order.

The environment here at AMK Hub outlet is rather noisy (not sure of other outlets) because lots of students. They offer Student Meals at affordable prices and hence this explains why.

And please pay before you get your food at the cashier. This is what you do. Scare you run away after eating. 吃霸王餐.

Order (fill up the order chit), Pay (at the Cashier), Collect (your drinks and cutlery), and Wait for your food to be served right up to your table. It is that easy.

Their outlets are conveniently located near MRT stations around the island, North South East West. Everybody will get to try. No worries. Bye!

Eighteen Chefs
53 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3
#04-02, AMK Hub
Singapore 569933
Nearest MRT: Ang Mo Kio (NSL)