Culinary | #howireducefoodwastage - Breakfast

I started this hashtag in Instagram on my own. I have checked alright. Nobody use it so I dominate it. Anyway, these days I have been quite careful with my purchase. I told myself no more mindless or impulsive purchase of anything including kitchen stuff. Well... so far so good for the past one week. My fridge is quite clean now and no more food hogging inside without any attention gotten by us. But sometimes I think back, buying small quantity may not be reasonably cheap as compared to large quantity. Again, you don't want to open up your thinking cap to think of how to fully utilize the balance of your purchase. Sigh...

Mineral Water

Just like bottled mineral water I bought. Because the husband is using it to make some drinks but then ends up, stop. So I'm left with like at least 7-8 bottles of 1.5L of mineral water. And till few days back, I realized it has expired. Pardon me but all along, I never thought that mineral water has expiry date. Sorry for that but really, to me it is just plain water. Then was talking with my colleague and she said yes there is expiry but should be drinkable still. But whether you can boil it to drink again, this is still a question. The husband suggested to boil it for drinking. So I did as told. And finish up all the expired ones already... in a few days. High consumption of water at home, which is good. Esp during this haze period. Glad I didn't waste it by throwing away. Damn it! Oh yes.... some not expire yet. So shall consume it before end of year.

Expired mineral water

Frozen Chicken Wings/Joints

Yes... for convenience sake, we bought mostly frozen food. Recently just purchase a pack of chicken wings and joints worth of 2 kg. And we did our own marination, left overnight in the fridge and airfry it the next day or so. 

Marinade: Premium Black Bean Marinade Sauce, Onion and Garlic Powder, Pepper, Sesame Oil and Honey

Airfry at 180 deg for 10 - 16 minutes, monitoring each side of the chicken to prevent charred.

Usually after airfrying, there sure be leftover marinade. Most of the time, I will throw it away. But now, I don't. The husband asked me to put it to boil with small amount of water so that we can pour over our rice to go along. But I choose to use microwaving because I don't wanna waste water by washing an additional pot when it only takes to wash a small bowl and spoon by microwaving.

This sauce is sweet so why waste right? Knowledge registered. You can also use it for stir-frying vegetables or any dish you think can enhance the taste with it. But I suggest you use it within that day. Save some space in the fridge.

Airfried Chicken Wings and Joints
Hotdog Rolls

I saw a video on how to make real simple hotdog rolls (or is it called this way) using simple ingredients like:
  • Bread, cut away the 4 sides crust
  • Hotdogs, washed
  • Beaten Eggs, about 1 or 2 eggs
  • Breadcrumbs, leftover from our Fish & Chips making 

I omit the cheese (I think) because don't really fancy. So it simply needs you to roll the bread till flat, roll in the hotdogs, eggwash the entire roll and lastly roll on the breadcrumbs. You are ready to fry. Please ensure the amount of oil in the pan covers the entire roll and be quick on turning as it darkens real fast. 
Homemade Breakfast

So my breadcrumbs is of good use now. This hotdog roll is perfect for picnic too. What's more satisfying is that I use the existing food items/ingredients in my kitchen instead of buying new ones. I actually bought a load of bread for my weekday breakfast/lunch at work. And already intended to try on this roll recipe after I watched the video. So I know the loaf of bread will be almost utilized. Not much waste (except 3 slices which I have already intended for breakfast but mood swing, so had others instead).

Oh ya... my pack of cornflakes is used up on making one last cheesecake. Shiok! So now onward to finishing up the digestive biscuits. More cheesecakes coming up! Love it to the max!