Food Review | Sembawang 白米粉 (White Restaurant)

So surprising that my hub decided to bring me for dinner at The Punggol Settlement. A damn secluded place where you drive through trees and more trees along the roadside with some houses and also... chalets which is just walking distance to The Punggol Settlement. You get sea views of Malaysia just across and Pulau Ubin just somewhere around (pardon my lack of geographical knowledge).

You can find drinking bars, seafood restaurants (eg. House of Seafood, Jing Long Seafood, Ponggol Seafood) and restaurants that serves cuisine like Japanese, Thai, Peranakan and many more. I can see that the seafood restaurants are competing with one another as we are been approached one after another while walking past their restaurants. And there is one small Giant supermarket to cater those having picnics there, pak tor, cycling, running or strolling. Oh forget there are chalets nearby. 

Whatever. We settled for Sembawang White Beehoon. Their main outlet is opposite Sembawang Shopping Centre. Like always crowded. Even at this ulu place, people make their effort to drive here for their meals. Ya lah... probably they are staying near there. Convenient for them. 

The pricing is about the same like Zhi Char stalls but we are paying for comfort too (air-conditioned restaurant). So let's get started.

Sambal Kangkong (马来风光)
White Beehoon 
And so this is the famous White Beehoon. A must to order when you are here. Looks like Zhi Char type of seafood beehoon. Having that wok taste and manage to retain the moisture of the beehoon. But then, it has nothing to impress other than just the good culinary skills. We ordered a medium size so this is just enough to fill up 2 persons stomach. Remember that.

Seafood Rolls (虾枣)
I saw almost every table has this rolls and I thought no harm trying since is like so popular. Yes indeed. The taste is good on its own without dips. A mild aftertaste and most importantly, not oily. And it seems a little new to me (pardon me for my ignorance) when the dip used is sweet chilli sauce instead of sweet sauce. Probably different kitchens have their own preference. Both are good though. I must say that the portion of this small size seafood rolls is more than enough for us two. 

This is one good finger food that I must have. Crispy, tasty and chewy. Got some big crumbs from frying. Superb shiok when you hear the crunchy sound coming from every bite. And honestly I love calamaris in strips and not in rings. In contrast, this small size calamari isn't enough for me. I want more! But afraid that I can't finish if ordered a medium. 

I also saw Prawn Paste Fried Chicken on some tables. Maybe not bad hor. Can try probably next time.

Visit them at:

3 Punggol Point Road, The Punggol Settlement
Singapore 828694
Tel: 6702 2002
Opening hrs: 11.30am to 2.30pm, 5pm to 10pm (WED Closed)