Food Review | Pecori-An Japanese Restaurant

I have to make this clear that for me, I seldom read reviews before heading to a particular restaurant for my meal. Only at times but not all the time. Because I believe each individual has their own unique taste bud. Good or bad reviews, it doesn't really matter because it may turn out good for you. You never know. Usually my visit to restaurants are impromptus. No queue, I will pop in and try. And most importantly, I don't care if the restaurants/food outlets are crowded with people (which seems like their food are nice) and  I paid for my meals. Unless I label my post with invites. If everyone keeps to themselves when they feel it isn't nice or whatever, the restaurants/food outlets will never improve and always think they serve the best food. But end of the day, it all depends on individual. You can't strike off that restaurant just because of that bad reviews. You need to try before judging. That's it! 

Here I am at Pecori-An, a Japanese restaurant that serves main courses, sides and hotpots. I remember the previous owner of that same unit is Secret Garden, which serves steamboat. Anyway, wanted to try Bijin Nabe at Tsukada Nojo which is just a unit away from Pecori-An but the waiting time leads us to choose an alternative. So that choice is Pecori-An.

Anyway, it didn't turn out what my friend and I expected. Ordered a hotpot (on promotion), Curry udon and their Antyobi Potato fries. 

Chicken Soup Hotpot + Ingredients for 1 pax
Big Oysters
This hotpot looks very healthy with lots of vegetables and also the mushrooms. As for the chicken, too big a chunk with the skin on. It shouldn't be in this way. But the saving grace will be their soup base. Another collagen soup wannabe. But still far from it. 

Curry Udon
When it wass served up to us, quite turned off at the chicken and the colour of that curry. The udon was good. The curry taste was quite light and not very flavourful. The chicken was the worst I guess. I like skin off but here, it is not. The cut was a little to big. And it didn't blend in with the curry. This one fails me big times. I can have better ones elsewhere. 

Antyobi Potato fries
The plate of fries is quite oily as seen on the plate. Truffle fries wannabe. But the taste is not there yet. Quite disappointed. Not worth the money. 

Oh they have a free mini buffet spread with limited variety like pudding, salad and so on.

Visit them at:

Pecori-An Japanese Restaurant
133 New Bridge Road
#02-39 Chinatown Point
Singapore 059413
Nearest MRT: Chinatown (NEL/DTL)