Travelogue | Foodies in Melbourne, Australia

Okay... So like I say that 90% of the photos taken are non-food related. Now let me show you the 10% of food photos. I usually post the food pics on my IG so probably you have seen it if you are a follower of mine in Instagram.

Haven't seen it in SG yet.
Nothing fancy. Just Hungry Jack's.

Chicken Crunch Meal
1st lunch in Melbourne - Chinese cuisine

That was my 1st meal in Melbourne. I never knew that for the next few days I'm gonna have more Chinese lunch and dinner. Sigh... What's the diff in SG? 

1st hotel breakfast in Melbourne

Well... I'm hashbrown intoxicated. I had like at least 5 hashbrowns per day alone and 1 to kiap with muffin. WTF. U know how to calculate right? 30 hashbrowns in 5 days. I must be crazy! Shall stay clear from hashbrown for a month. How crispy and crunchy it gonna be, I SHALL NOT EVEN LOOK AT IT!

Finally my 1st Western lunch in Melbourne.

Nah... no biggie. Just Fish n Chips. Finally after like 2-3 Chinese meals, we had western food for good. Pumpkin soup was okay. I had all the greens. Follow the footsteps of my hub. Eat all the greens for better digestion and bowel movement. 

This is like 2nd or 3rd Chinese meal. For goodness sake.

I don't condemn Chinese food as I'm a Chinese too but then in a foreign land, I thought we suppose to have something different from our usual? It is okay to have Chinese food but then, the diff restaurants we hopped to, the dishes are almost similar. Like broccoli with prawns or squid. Fish either steamed or fried. Soup either corn or vegetable type. We had like 4 Chinese meals this trip. Almost the same for all. The fruits. Pathetically, oranges are either cut till real thin slices or just the right thickness to taste its goodness. Fine. NVM. I'm back. I can have all the oranges in the supermarket to get my Vit C goodness now. Conclusion, the taste was good actually. Savoury.

2nd Western meal this trip

This was at Warrook Farm after the farm tour. Wow.. red wine for lunch. How good! Never had much because my friend already look at me in the face and said, 'Don't tell me you are going to drink a lot?' WTF. Complimentary one why not? Wasted. If my hub came with us, half bottle gone. Hahahah... typical Singaporean..

Had salad on our Free & Easy day as lunch. Guess where we had lunch? RMIT campus at Swanston Street. Since we passed by after shopping at Queen Victoria Market, might as well had lunch at our university since this trip is for that purpose. Caesar salad. Oh.. now I really don't like chicken breast meat as it is so hard to eat. I finished all the greens, leaving those meat. Can we consider this as our 3rd Western meal? Nah... 

Nah... This is our last meal in Melbourne before heading to the airport. Left w last bit of aussie dollars and just spent on Japanese meal in Chinatown. We are at Yoyogi Japanese Cafe. The ramen I had tasted salty. But just finished it up and go. 

Seriously, I don't have much food pics this trip. Wow... that's not very me. But it was fun. 

Melbourne gives me the feeling that I'm in UK and US. Experience it yourself and u will know what I mean. Bye!